• Fuckup Nights

    Fuckup Nights
    It's not malicious to want to know in detail where someone else has gone wrong - it's a life lesson. The bell beats at 18:30 at the National Student House on October 15, we hear how they fucked up and what we can learn from their failures from ...


  • Roller Bounce

    Roller Bounce
    You keep your balance in roller skates(with mandatory silicone wheels) in Mixtape 5 when Ramsey Hercules breaks with disco, funk and soul pieces, so you can totally feel like you are in an American movie. The tour starts at 7pm on October 16th for ...


  • Роботите идват!

    Роботите идват!
    Robofish плува досущ като риба, а Aibo изглежда и се държи като куче – дори има опасност да ти оближе лицето. Суперсилите на Miss Face пък са ...


  • Joker

    Joker centers around an origin of the iconic arch nemesis and is an original, standalone story not seen before on the big screen.
  • Trouble