• Depeche Mode Party

    Depeche Mode Party
    Martin Gore turns 57 on 23 July, so Maimunarnika puts on a playlist (lead by Vladi Mer) containing some of his and Depeche's hits as well as music by he Cure, Duran Duran, New Order and Gary Numan.


  • World of Co x FLUCA

    World of Co x FLUCA
    The World of Co art residency moves its next open day at the FLUCA container on Sveta Nedelya Sq. on 24 July, which means we'll get to see what Chilean scuptor Natalia Riffo and American poet Clint Margrav have been upto during their residency in ...


  • Керамично ателие

    Керамично ателие
    В случай че дъждът отново ви хване неподготвени, от Музейко имат резервен план за съботно занимание на закрито за родители и деца 5+, така ...