• Picnic Stroeja

    Picnic Stroeja
    Tell the GPS to take you to - the meadow somewhere above Zheleznitsa village in the mountain where guys from the Stroeja club will be waiting for you. They're bringing the barbecue, the beer kegs, a generator, some music equipment ...


  • Mihail Novakov

    Mihail Novakov
    He started shooting for Edno magazine, in 2010 he was selected for a traveling exhibition by Vice, and today we all know him as a photographer and cameraman with a focus on urban culture and social observation. His new solo exhibition Sweet-Sour ...



  • Downton Abbey

    Downton Abbey
    Anyone who dined from 2010 to 2015 in front of the TV with the spicy costume drama for the Crowley aristocrats and their servants anywhere in the Yorkshire province is now receiving a dessert - a syrupy sequel for the big screen by the same author ...
  • Wind2win


  • Jluch between the rhymes

    Jluch between the rhymes
    "I am a terrible executioner," he admits at once - for everything but his work. Jluch is prepared for the worst, and finds his luck to go off like a microphone on the stage, which doesn't mean he ever loses his temper. He believes in the ...
  • 7 moments of Natali Sarkisyan