• 4 songs by... Hooverphonic

    4 songs by... Hooverphonic
    Geike Arnaert's breathless curves in Mad About You probably are the first you think of when you hear Hooverphonic. And you are not alone - the decade with this singer is the most strong for the Belgian trip-hop group, driven by the bassist Alex ...


  • Gemini Man

    Gemini Man
    Will Smith meets himself as a young man in a sci-fi action movie produced by the commercial brain Jerry Bruckheimer, but directed by the sensitive artist Ang Lee (who came out with Brokeback Mountain and came to Oscar with Pi's Life).


  • 9 Moments of Nikoleta Nosovska

    9 Moments of Nikoleta Nosovska
    She's picked up many languages (even Chinese) but she's even stronger with the visual stuff: her CV thus far revolves around graphic design, currently freelance, when whe's not accepting clients at Artelie: a small store on 44 Ekzarh Yosif Str. that ...