• Stinky Movie

    Stinky Movie
    In January, 30 of the best freestyle snowboarders came to Bulgaria, invited by Stinky Socks, and they spent a month looking for the best spots to ride to. Now, we see all of that in a film - at Dom na kinoto, on the 20th of October at 21:30.


  • Sunday beer meetup

    Sunday beer meetup
    Go to the street mini fest in front of Road 66 (Pozitano 15) to find a BBQ van, beer, and lots of hot stuff - sauces, bars, and even barbers, if you need an unrgent hair styling. Starts up at 11:30, free of charge.




  • Question for a Nobel

    Question for a Nobel
    "To show the good literary taste" - that's how the King of Sweden himself explained in 1786 the purpose of the Academy, which later started giving out the Nobel for literature. In 2018 the purpose is quite the same, only the taste is ...
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