• The Loop Engineers

    The Loop Engineers
    The engineers are Pavel Terziyski (Clavexperience) and Petar Georgiev and his work place is a loop machine which help them generate reggae, dub, bossa nova and drum'n'bass tracks with their vocals, guitar and beatbox. Join the experiments at 20:00 ...


  • Изложба Влечуги

    Изложба Влечуги
    21 март – 18 юни, Музейко, ул. Проф. Боян Каменов 3  Новата изложба в Музейко е студенокръвна, люспеста и понякога отровна. Става въпрос ...


  • To Hear The heart of Mozart

    To Hear The heart of Mozart
    Everyone is talking about the asteroid that is named after him and is travelling around the sun 250 million kilometres from here. His path in the music universe, however, is way more interesting. The principal conductor of Heidelberg - with reserved ...
  • 8 Moments of Raycho Stanev