• SFF for students

    SFF for students
    The winted edition of the festival starts on January 23 with the Bulgarian movie Monkey - at 18:00 at Dom na kinoto with free passes for all students. Some of the cast and crew behind the film will also be there for a discussion afterwards.


  • Maldoror

    The nightmarish world of Maldoror is an upside-down world of pleasure in Ani Vaseva's play that we reserve our Tuesday evening for. Join us at the French Institute on January 24 at 19:30.



  • Playlist by Stereofox

    Playlist by Stereofox
    We're changing the fourth calendar on our wall since Ivo decided not to work as sedate economist and use the know-how from his past to create "site for music". His friends immediately give him a helping hand (the prairie fox from the logo, ...