• August's playlist

    August's playlist
    The soundtrack of the month that is already ending is full with the songs, that bloomed to life over the summer, screaming for new albums in the fall.


  • Playmobil: The Movie 3D

    Playmobil: The Movie 3D
    How many Playmobile figurines can fold in 110 Minutes? The film, by which German toys copied the marketing gimmick of the Lego Danes (who have already made 5-6 movie hits), seems to have grown out of this question, but they are unlikely to see the ...


  • 8 Moments of Dilyana Doncheva

    8 Moments of Dilyana Doncheva
    When we entered her Instagram gallery, we found ourselves among such strange creatures that we had to stay to get to know them. Dilyana often draws, for example, her dog Bobby as if he were human, and to her human characters she likes to mount skull ...