• Alberto Gandolfo

    The Italian photographer presents a photobook and 11 stories with portraits of people who were in the news as victims or relatives of victims. Topics include home violence, the Mafia, corruption, medical errors, judicial malpractice, etc. 
    · Fotofabrika 2019
  • .
  • Alex Manchev

    In his works on the naked body, he attempts to capture what he calls a feminine truth: a moment when women turn to their inner world.

    Oborishte 5 Gallery and Hall  
  • Archaeology of Sofia and the region 2018

  • Behind walls

    Kremena Kostadinova and Stepan Sarkisyan view the theme of the walls as an architectural trend - to separate spaces and build distopias.

    Art Gallery Geshov  
  • Colourful pictures from Ancient Rome

    The Capitolian Museums in Rome have taken 21 original mosaics from the period between 1 st century BC and 4 centuries after, created before we began to divide art from design. As exquisite and colorful snapshots of that time, they are waiting for us at the Archaeological Museum from May 15th to July 28th to make us think about the similarities, differences, repulsion, and attraction between distant cultures.
    · European Night of the Museums 2019
    National Archaeological Institute with Museum BAN  
  • Dobri Dobrev

    More than 100 paintings and drawings, mostly from the painter's heirs and the Dimitar Dobrovich gallery in Sliven, enter the Palace to mark the 120th anniversary of Dobri Dobrev's birth and to show us what his art was all about.
    · European Night of the Museums 2019
    National Gallery at the Palace  
  • Electronic Dreams

    Albena Baeva, Marina Genova, Stefan Donchev, Tom White

    We are afraid automated machines will take over our lives, but they kind of already have: ones detect the registration plates of cars and send them violations slips; others draw QR codes that only their "colleagues" can read.

  • From Malaga to Vienna, via Sofia

    It is not uncommon for a family to have several artists - such as Picasso's father, who solemnly refused to paint when his son showed bigger talent when he was 13.

    National Gallery at the Palace  
  • From the Resurrection of Lazarus to the Holy Spirit

    A collection of never-before-seen works of Christian art created in the period between the 16th and 19th centuries.

    Crypt of the St. Alexander Nevski Memorial Church  
  • Georgi St. Georgiev

    This photographer was born in 1881, so only about 50 years after the art which managed to obssess him after the love of flying. George made one of the first airplane photographies on a flight over Edirne during the Balkan War and then taught at the Flight School. Several years later, he founded a Bulgarian Photo Club, started organizing competitions and exhibitions, published in magazines and books and was one of the first to discover act photography in Bulgaria.

    Synthesis Photography Gallery  
  • Iliya Petrov

    The Art School in Sofia and the one in his native Razgrad bear the name of Ilia Petrov for his craftsmanship in painting portraits. However, he did not depict only people, as we see here - in an exhibition with his animal sketches.

  • Kaloyan Iliev-Kokimoto

  • Khan Kubrat's sword

    A collection of objects once owned by the Bulgarian khan Kubrat that are exhibited in the National Gallery for a short period of time, thanks to the Ermitage.

    National Gallery at the Palace  
  • Modernity and avant-garde

    One of the valuable functions of galleries is to go back and rewrite, correct and complete the story.

  • Photoacademica 2019

    The longest running photo contest in the country is here with its 20th edition, showcasing the works of young and experienced Bulgarian photographers.

    National Palace of Culture  
  • Rassim®

    Thirty years ago, he created a cast from his face, now showed for the first time in this exhibition in Credo Box. It's called The Artist's Thoughts, and it's actually covered with play doh.

    Credo Bonum  
  • Sariev+Markov Sculpture Projects: Wilfrid Almendra

    The Plovdiv gallery Sariev Contemporary and the Markovstudio in Sofia put a plus between their names for the Sariev+Markov Sculpture Projects, which this autumn will give a brave result - a new contemporary piece of art installed somewhere in Sofia.

    Vaska Emanouilova  
  • STER

    Graffiti artists are part of our city even after they're gone - like how our streets are still holding a bunch of tags by STER after his untimely death.

  • Stoimen Markov

    He first studied for a musician, then went to the Academy of Arts, and his life continued to cast him between the two arts: with his violoncello he was part of various formations, including the Bourgas Symphony Orchestra, and he did not even need a studio to create magnificent sculptures.

  • Svetlin Rusev

    The exhibition around the famous Bulgarian painter, who passed away last year, will be showing some of his more important works, together with two films and a lot of texts.

    Raiko Alexiev Union of Bulgarian Artists  
  • Svilen Blazhev

    Here, we see his land art - Svilen Blazev often draws on a stone, and now interacts with the raw concrete of the gallery in a series of works with unclear edges that act more like one.

    San Stefano Gallery  
  • The Czech toy

    We go back to the country's childhood with an exhibition that shows everything from a prototype of it's first toy, made in 1920, to the newest designs that are only getting better - some of them to the point of becoming collectables for adult fans.

    Czech Cultural Centre  
  • The Palace For Art

    The central focus of this exhibition is the Palace, one of the oldest buildings in the very heart of Sofia, closely related to the history of the city and of Bulgaria. The Palace presents itself with its character as it was on the cusp of the 19th and 20th centuries; it is also appreciated as a physical locus created both by architects and artists and by the people who inhabited it.

    National Gallery at the Palace  
  • Time and People

  • Todor Georgiev

    He started as a graphic designer in advertising, but his passion is in the art of letters. In 2018 he created the Letter Collective studio, together with Zhaklina Zhekova - since then, Todor has been totally immersed in typography.

    New Bulgarian University