• Alter me, alter you

    For months, the KLIK project has been recruiting curators for a 5-week residence in Bulgaria, and now we first come to know the guest from France: Clelia Coussonnet, whose stay culminates in an exhibition of painting, photography, illustration, sound and digital printing of contemporary Bulgarian artists such as Sofia Grancharova and Sevda Semer.

    Goethe Institut  
  • Boryana Petkova & André Serre-Milan

    They have once participated in Two Equal to One - contemporary art project in which, with sound and abstract paintings, they explored the epistolary communication between the divided by the war Siika and Stoyan at Contemporary Space in Varna.

  • FishLove

  • Forecasts

    Several sculptures and painters are gathered to show their work.

  • Kalina Taseva

    She was one of Dechko Uzunov's best students, that's why she's the first one in the project Generations - a series of exhibitions looking for traces of Dechko in the work of his students.

    Gallery Museum Dechko Uzunov  
  • Konstantin Mravov

    He has been taking photos in Sofia since 2013, and to date in his archive we can find graffiti, the changes in the environment and the anonymous inhabitants of the city which he captures with cheap technique but a good eye.

  • Nadar

    He's a French journalist, writer, caricaturist and - most notably - a pioneer in the complex world of photography. He made the first ever aerial photos and was well-known for the portraits of famous people from the 19th and 20th century. 40 of these will be shown at this exhibition.

    National Gallery at the Palace  
  • Olaf Osten

    His art is in the collections of important Viennese institutions, and now, when our and his country are exchanging the European presidency, he is also at the center of the Austrian Embassy's annual exhibition here.

    National Gallery Square 500  
  • Peter Sadofsky & Dan Trantina

  • The Bulgarian Children's Illustration in the 20s and 30s

    We'll see what kids' illustration looked like almost a century ago in Tony Nikolov's collection of books and magazines.

    Vaska Emanouilova  
  • The New Political Poster

    After loads of ups and downs in the genre here since the 40s, now we can see its cleanest form: created by the yound poster artists from the National Academy of Art and stripped from the control of the political leaders of the day.

    Museum of Socialistic Art  
  • Time and People

  • Tsvetislava Koleva & Zhaklina Simova

    The common thing between the two girls is the school from which they come out: the Master's Degree in Calligraphy at the National Academy of Arts which means much more in their hands - because they use the light as a tool for constant transformations in their works.

    One Monev Gallery  
  • Yosif Yakov

    He grows up in an ethnically colored neighborhood, and falls in love with the photography which has brough countless awards to him. Just go and see why.

    Gallery-bookstore Sofia Press