• Georgi Baev

    Not shown works of the great artist Georgi Baev are included in an impressive exhibition dedicated to the 95th anniversary of his birth.

    Georgi Baev Gallery  
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  • Kiril Meskin

  • Nenko Tchanev

    Nenko Chanev will present his next solo paintings exhibition in the 13th step Gallery. The author, who defines his creative muse as the pleasure to work in complete silence and harmony, will once again visit the Burgas gallery.

    13th Step  
  • Rosen Poptomov

    More than 30 new works have been included in the exhibition of the marinist Rosen Poptomov. The sea with its various colors, shades and states is the favorite theme of the artist.

    Atelier R  
  • Rumen Atanasov

    The exhibition is entitled Picturesque sketches of nature. It includes 28 pictures inspired by the author's tours of the Balkan Mountains, to the Beliktash Sanctuary, the Pearl Residence, the Danube River and more.

    Burgas [Burags]  
  • Svetozar Benchev