• Albena Mihaylova

    Albena Mihailova shows us 4 faces in her exhibition Fictitious Autobiography - videos with a different main character (Monica, Niall, Shung and Albena herself), and as the title implies, their real lives are mixed with fantasy and fiction.

    Sofia Arsenal - Museum for Contemporary Art  
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  • Alexander Valchev

    Let's start with the material - Alexander Valchev often works with ordinary carton. You may remember his exhibition How to Handle the Object, when he painted his careful self-portraits on rough material.

    ICA (Insitute of Contemporary Art)  
  • Angel Panayotov

    When his wife, Emilia Panayotova - an artist herself - submits to the gallery a catalog of Angel's work (who died in 2008), they're surprised that his talent has remained so unfamiliar to the public.

  • Attractive and Ordinary

    The exhibition's title - The Woman in the Oeuvre of European Graphic Artists of the 19th and 20th Centuries - may sound too general, but listen: the focus is on those artists who, generation after generation, took up the subject of the woman in new ways and with new expressive means.

    National Gallery Square 500  
  • Christo & Jeanne-Claude

    If "hardware" is the physical result of their ideas, in the gallery we look at what the organizers call Software - a collection of posters featuring preparatory sketches of Christo and Jeanne-Claude on projects such as Umbrellas, Gates or Wrapped Reichstag.

    New Bulgarian University  
  • Contemporary Paintings

    Albena Petkova, Alla Georgieva, Anton Terziev, Dimitar Mitovski, Dina Stoev, Domisani Karamanski, Ivo Bistrichki, Konstantin Kostov, Radoslav Maglov, Rosen Toshev, Rumen Zhekov, Severina Eneva

    The Art Center on 10 Alexander Stamboliyski Str. in Bankya turns 5 and celebrates with its traditional autumn exhibition. This year, 12 authors show their views on painting today.

    Art Center Bankya  
  • Elza Goeva

    "I am a person of quick action, I can not work on one thing for a long time," she says about her paintings, but her work also speaks about something deeper than the impulse when she continues to show exhibitions at 91 years of age.

    Gallery Museum Dechko Uzunov  
  • Finale

    Gaudenz B. Ruff, who lived here as a Swiss ambassador, founded an award in his  name in 2007 with the idea of ​​supporting local art.

  • Irina Georghe

    "I want to show you some things that are not here" is a common expression in her work - now the Romanian artist, who lives in Berlin, raises the topic of what is missing in Sofia as well.

    Swimming Pool  
  • Kristina Shishkova

    In her first solo exhibition here, Kristina Shishkova shows Meetings with a Landscape.

  • Manaki Brothers

    Back in their day, the photos of Yanaki and Milton was highly valued, but they're still important today - they shot the first movie in the Balkans in 1905.

  • Nitra & Kokimoto

    Antonia Koleva and Kaloyan Iliev, as their real names are, are a tandem in life, and quite naturally they sometimes look in the same direction with their art as well. The New World Reorder is their second joint project to go on display (and the first one we can see in Sofia).

  • Plamen Yankov

    At @plamen_ yankov_ photographer on instagram, you will see that this photographer is somewhat obsessed with his monkey mask, which also fits in for the Planet of the Waste exhibition. His background is a post-apocalyptic world full of junk.

    Credo Bonum  
  • Rudi Ninov

    Gravity only works when you look down, he argues, and tries to prove it with objects that seem to collapse or rise.

    Vaska Emanouilova  
  • The Palace For Art

    The central focus of this exhibition is the Palace, one of the oldest buildings in the very heart of Sofia, closely related to the history of the city and of Bulgaria. The Palace presents itself with its character as it was on the cusp of the 19th and 20th centuries; it is also appreciated as a physical locus created both by architects and artists and by the people who inhabited it.

    National Gallery at the Palace  
  • Time and People

  • Vasil Popov

    His Xilograms, curated now by Philip Zidarov, has been collected from a 20-year period in his work. The artist has shown his engravings in over 20 solo exhibitions here and in several other countries from Japan to France, and in the woodcut technique that originated in China 20 centuries ago, he is a local master. Especially in its color variants - different pieces of pear tree are used for each of the colors, one by one printed on a piece of paper.

    Stubel Art Gallery  
  • Violeta Boyadzhieva

    + tova  
  • Words, images, places

    The title of this exhibition is 140 years since Sofia was proclaimed the capital, so what better place for it than the city gallery.

    Sofia City Art Gallery  
  • Yasen Gyuzelev

    Reproductions in embossing technique giclees + around 30 originals of his illustrations on books by Jules Verne and Pushkin, with which he is recognized all around the world.

  • Yavora Petrova

    She describes them as Light drawings with a heavy character, and to make it clearer, her exhibition is made of sketches of subjects with wide scope - from the poetic Metamorphoses of Ovid to the bitter Threepenny opera by Brecht.