Stela Vasileva

Stela Vasileva

What's the shape of music? We don't ask philosophically, so the easy answer of sound waves is the right one here. Stela Vasileva shows an exhibition of sculptures that represent different sound waves in bent mirrors - so that you can see yourself, and the architecture of the gallery in an old water tower.


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#1 20.11.2018 17:49 Jiri

26.11.2018 Финисаж на Signs of Sounds

Среща с композитора Милен Апостолов oт 19:00 и два концерта на музиката, композирана специално за проекта Signs of sound в галерия +359.

Първи концерт от 19:30 и втори от 20:30 часа.

Стела Василева /визуален артист/
Милен Апостолов /композитор, диригент, музикант/
Стефан Хаджиев /виолончело/
Добрин Петков /архитект,dj/
Елена Ганова / виола/
Иван Стайков /цигулка/
Светлин Крачев /цигулка/
Атанас Илиев /кларинет/
Юлияна Войкова-Найман /сценограф, осветление/
Ири Найман /осветление/

#2 20.11.2018 17:47 Jiri

EXTRA: Closing Concert on 26th of November

Meeting with the composer Milen Apostolov at 19:00 and two concerts of music, composed especially for the project Signs of sound in Gallery +359.

First concert from 19:30 and second from 20:30.

Stela Vasileva /visual artist/
Milen Apostolov /composer, conductor, musician/
Stefan Hadjiev /violoncello/
Dobrin Petkov /architect, dj/
Elena Ganova /viola/
Ivan Staykov /violin/
Svetlin Krachev /violin/
Atanas Iliev /clarinet/
Youliana Voikova-Najman /set designer, lighting/
Jiri Najman /lighting/