• Dimitar Kazakov - Neron

    The exhibition gives us the opportunity to see the works of the unique artist, philosopher and mediator between antiquity and the future - the Bulgarian artist Dimitar Kazakov - Neron.

    Georgi Baev Gallery  
    Petko Zadgorski Art Gallery [Burgas]  
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  • Dolores Dilova

  • Hari Arabian

  • Jordan Marinov

  • Svetlin Rusev - students & friends

  • The indefinable cosmos of the human mind

    An exhibition about the great Bulgarian engineer and scientist Professor Viden Tabakov, who is the inspiration for another wave of new engineers coming from Bulgarian youth.

    Culture Center Sea Kazino  
  • Veselin Damyanov

    On the 19th of October in Garieli Gallery we will see the works of Veselin Damyanov-Ves for the first time in Burgas.

  • Vladimir Avramov