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  • Finding yourself at Seychelles

    Finding yourself at Seychelles
    It sounds strange, but one day Joana Hristova, headed for Sri Lanka, suddenly reaches the Seychelles. How does that happen she tells us personally on July 17th at the Traveler's Club, while also peppering the story with photos of giant turtles and ...



  • Лятна академия

    Лятна академия
    Образователен център Технократи намира начин да държи нащрек мозъците на учениците между 7 и 14 години в дните от 15 до 19 юли – с научни ...


  • The tent book: Petya Kokudeva
  • And yet she will run

the straw

  • Top 10

    Top 10
    The things that make our lives better. THE GRAFFITI A new one by BOZKO was just finished on a building right next to the Sofia Opera but while we're on the same topic - look at this other amazing work by Ella & Pitr in Plovdiv.
  • Test Drive: Galaxy S10+
  • Artistic Cooperation