• Семейна неделя

    Семейна неделя
    Есента пристига с новия сезон на детския куклен театър в Гранд Хотел София. В първата театрална неделя на 8 октомври хлапетата над 2 ...


  • Explore Sofia

    Explore Sofia
    "The way you see Sofia may be different from the one we are used to from our own height," Drago Simeonov tells us when we sit down against him. We agree, especially when there is already something done behind these words. In this case, a whole television season of Explore Bulgaria on National Geographic Channel (with three more in its archive), which turns the camera of Georgi Bogdanov and Boris Misirkov to the past and everyday life of several well-known places in Sofia.
  • The long walk with Lyubo Georgiev
  • The long road ahead

the straw

  • Top 10

    Top 10
    The things that make our lives better. The furniture "Go scratch your own designer chair" is something we will be able to shout at the cat from March 2018, because that is when IKEA is launching its first series for pets - Lurvig. The name means furry, but don't worry - your Canadian Sphynx probably doesn't speak Swedish.
  • Show GPS
  • The Wild and Beautiful North-West