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  • The One Who Eats Everything

    The One Who Eats Everything
    His maw is like a black hole where the gender, size and matter don't matter because we all are everything. You don't have to imagine what this looks like - Ani Vaseva will show us all in her performance on March 27 at DNK (19:30).


  • Top 10

    Top 10
    The things that make our lives better. The change On Match 26 we're turning the clocks forward to get closer to summer. Then we wake up, have breakfast and head out to vote in the general elections. Will we change something else this Sunday except the time of the sunset? We'll definately try.



  • Don't run away from sports

    Don't run away from sports
    Sports get an extra day in our week with this Saturday's Fizkultura - a seminar for which you won't need a training outfit but a fit mind. The exercies star right after breakfast with a running workshop, sports outfit expo and healthy food stands ...
  • The things from life: Sean Conway
  • Just Move It.

the straw

  • Dark City, Bright Idea

    Dark City, Bright Idea
    At exactly 20:30 this Saturday cities, towns and villages in more than 170 countries will turn off their lights for an hour but you probably already know that. We're here to tell you, however, that Earth Hour is a lot more than just these 60 minutes ...
  • A Home For Our Bodies
  • 681: Past in the Future