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  • Picnic Stroeja

    Picnic Stroeja
    Tell the GPS to take you to - the meadow somewhere above Zheleznitsa village in the mountain where guys from the Stroeja club will be waiting for you. They're bringing the barbecue, the beer kegs, a generator, some music equipment ...




  • The stories of things: Ana Kremenlieva

    The stories of things: Ana Kremenlieva
    Years ago, she began to do graphic design and it was good for a while, but her other great love - fashion - did not stop appearing. For example, she participated in an online contest for a T-shirt redesign. Her attitude to this old project may already be negative, but then the response was interesting enough to make Ana believe that something might come out. She goes to study fashion and textile design in Milan, and today has her own brand of white t-shirts made of Japanese cotton, Yt-shirt. ...
  • The places from life: Zdravko Grigorov & Angel Hadzhiyski
  • The tent book: Petya Kokudeva

the straw

  • A walkable city

    A walkable city
    Towards the end of another summer where we saw everyone on the streets - maybe you as well? - out for a long walk, we draw a route in our city, great for walking.
  • It's a matter of concept
  • To ride or not to ride?