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  • Simeon Shomov

    Simeon Shomov
    Mini metal plastics of birds, city landscapes and couples in love are the "frozen stories" built by Simeon in his new jewelery collection. It's called Timelessness and is available at Sabai gallery until the 30th of April.


  • A transitory portrait of the city from six different perspectives. Here they are this week:



  • China for Advanced Learners

    China for Advanced Learners
    "I did not even unpack my bags at the beginning," Sylvia Atanasova recalls when we talk about  her first two weeks in Ningbo, a "small" port city with a population of six million where she goes to study a master's degree. On the connection China-Bulgaria in Skype, we now understand two important things: for five years there, she has removed all her worries from the suitcase, and the country has got deeply under her skin - from the melody of the language to the nuances ...
  • He, The Other Ulay
  • Behind The Lens: Lora Musheva

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  • In the middle of the mountain

    In the middle of the mountain
    Maybe after all there really is no such thing as bad publicity. The scandalous news about the intention of a businessman (and several municipal councilors) to abolish the "Architectural and Historical Reserve" status of Koprivshtitsa just struck us to go there. Meanwhile, the public storm has gone away, as opposed to our journey through the Sredna Gora Mountain.
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