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  • SFF for students

    SFF for students
    The winted edition of the festival starts on January 23 with the Bulgarian movie Monkey - at 18:00 at Dom na kinoto with free passes for all students. Some of the cast and crew behind the film will also be there for a discussion afterwards.


  • Top 10

    Top 10
    The things that make our lives better. The video With the 1000+ shares it's already viral - a Bulgarian video in which a super-dude  runs and jumps through all sorts of terrain. His name is Ilko Iliev, and the whole work is made by super-team standing behind his back. Don't stop, want to see 1000+ things more.



the straw

  • WhATA Nominations

    WhATA Nominations
    The anual WhATA Awards celebrate the good and the bad accomplishments in Bulgarian architecture and will be given away at an imaginary ceremony for a seventh year now. The winners will be announced in February - now is the time for geting to know the nominees. Check the shortlist on and vote for your winners.
  • Shots in the Snow
  • The Other Iran