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  • BAZA 2019

    BAZA 2019
    With these painfully pressed plush objects, Martin Penev took the prize for a young contemporary Bulgarian artist in 2018 (+ a residence in New York). Eight strong names are now nominated for the 2019 Prize: Alexander Alexandrov, Veneta Androva, ...


  • #InstaSofia 2019 Week 28

    #InstaSofia 2019 Week 28
    A momentary portrait of the city from seven different angles. Here's how you saw it this week: Karnegi Str.         Вижте тази публикация в Instagram.                       Публикация, споделена от Shots Of Sofia (@shotsofsofia) на Юли 15, 2019 в 9:33 PDT


  • На планина с деца

    На планина с деца
    „Няма нужда да чакате децата ви да станат на 10 и повече години, за да ги заведете на планина. Щом навършат две, тръгвайте!“, е съветът на ...


  • Valentina Sciarra and the art of getting involved

    Valentina Sciarra and the art of getting involved
    She has been living in Sofia for four years, but she is an Italian born in Rome so when we call her on the phone, she answers in Bulgarian, Italian and English in one sentence. Valentina speaks not only between languages, but also between several ...
  • The tent book: Petya Kokudeva
  • And yet she will run

the straw

  • The Lotus Lake

    The Lotus Lake
    From Buddhism through Hinduism to the languages of Pali, Marathi and Sanskrit the word udaya is translated as a temple, sacred mountain, growth, sunrise. For four years now, however, it means another yoga retreat near Pravets with a rich schedule of ...
  • Small step, big leap
  • Tears of Ra