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  • Growing group seasal

    Growing group seasal
    "Nothing bothers us more than that we demand control over everything. "With this thought Galina Borissova collects the Group (Adriana Chernin, Alexandra Spassova, Denitsa Darinova, Emilian Gatsov-Elby, Sylvia Stanoeva and Stephan A. ...



  • The Awakening of The Architects

    The Awakening of The Architects
    In a chilly morning we're invited for a cup of tea in a small room at the back of an old house on Alabin Str. Once his grandmother's art studio, now Teodor Uzunov has made it his own with the help of his friends (architects, like him) - because it's not bad to have an office space when you've taken up the organisation of huge events for huge amounts of people. We are talking about EASA - a European network of architecture students who gather in different countries every year to tackle ...
  • The things of life: Folch Studio
  • The long walk with architecture modernism

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