• Денят на бащата

    Денят на бащата
    Принципно в България е през декември, но Военноисторическият музей празнува връзката баща-дете на 16 юни с програма, от която ни обзема ...



    "I'm playing the music, are you ready? You don't seem ready to me," says Miryana Tashkova to the fifteen people who haven't been able to take a breath. Now they all look ahead and wait for the music to begin, and with the first move, they are already diving into the dance. They call it Vogue and we're going to see it on this year's Sofia Pride.
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the straw

  • Top 10

    Top 10
    The things that make our lives better. Animation Rumen Petkov, who is one of the creators of Dexter, Johnny Bravo and Choko and Boko will never be forgotten.
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