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  • A transitory portrait of the city from seven different perspectives. Here they are this week: The park in front of the National Palace of Culture   Публикация, споделена от Ilia Temelkov (@soregashi) на Апр 18, 2018 в 10:20 PDT G. S. Rakovski Str.   Публикация, споделена от Valeri Elashvili (@valerielashvili) на Апр 22, 2018 в 10:19 PDT The Central Universal Store   ...


  • Аквапарк за 1 юни

    Аквапарк за 1 юни
    Ако семейството ви отговаря на схемата 2 възрастни + 1 дете, значи знаем къде трябва да се отбиете между 1 и 30 април – в Bulgaria Mall, който ...


  • Stories for Bubbles

    Stories for Bubbles
    They look like clouds and are hanging above the heroes in comic books, so that we could read their words and mind - these are the bubbles we imagine we communicate in, because the person we are communicating with is Konstantin Vitkov-Titis. He's an animation movie director by degree, a comics nerd - by self-description, and a storyboard artsit for hollywood movies and ad campaigns by occupation. A few days ago he also became the author of the first Bulgarian comics novel in gazillion years with ...
  • Being a director in a class room
  • Against the wall: Julien de Casabianca

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