• Open Mic

    28 February 2017

    It's on February 28 at Cosmos and it's English-speaking-funny-people-only! Behind the mic that is - if you just want to have fun in the crowd, the show starts at 20:30 and entrance is free.
  • Luis Bassat

    27 February 2017

    We met the legendary Spanish advertiser 3 months ago when he was here with his book and lecture about Creativity. Now he's back for the premiere of the book about his nomad family, El retorn dels Bassat, written by Vicenc Villatoro - on 27 February at 19:00 at Peroto.
  • Lervig Aktiebryggeri

    26 February 2017

    That's the name of one of Norway's top breweries. Six of its fantastically weird ales and stouts debut in Vitamib B on 26 February - go take a sip of every single one after 16:00.
  • La Haine

    25 February 2017

    While the movie tells its black and white story from the Parisian suburbs we'll smell the hate from the storyline as interpreted by the perfumist Mark Buxton. The screening is part of the Cinéma Olfactif series that intensifies our movie-watching experience on February 25 at 20:00 at Dom na kinoto (7BGN).
  • Scandinavian cinema

    22 February 2017

    The meetings dedicated to the movies from the far North continue with a Lars von Trier night and his Europa on February 22. The screening and lecture are scheduled to begin at 19:00. Tickets are 5BGN and you should book a seat in advance.
  • BANFF Mountain Film Festival

    23 February 2017

    Ski, skate, climbing, hiking, slacklining, parachuting... All those (and more) are coming together in 20 extreme (and sometimes funny) short documentaries in the new edition of the adventurous fest. The screenings are at Cinema City Paradise in two nights - February 22 and February 23, at 20:00. Tickets are 11/13BGN.
  • Skeptics in the pub:Astrophotography

    21 February 2017

    All of us are great at the selfie game but taking photos of the night sky is a whole different affair. We leave that to the astrophotographers who plan and retouch their starry images until we can see clearly even the Milky way in them. Is this plain art, or does astrophotography actually help science? We'll find out from Gancho Ganchev on 21 February at 19:30 at Stroeja.
  • Portugese film laboratory

    20 February 2017

    The 5-day experiment with movies from the Iberian Peninsula starts on at 20:00 on February 20 at The Red House Culture and Debate Centre with Until Tomorrow Comrades. All screenings are free and with English subtitles. Save a seat on redhouse-sofia.org. Full programme is on Facebook.
  • Out of town

    19 February 2017

    That's our favorite direction but we somehow resist it this weekend because from February 17 PhotoSynthesis is telling stories from the countryside, gathered behind the wheel of a MINI Countryman. The art instalation is created by Studio Komplekt, the set designer Eva Ventova and the illustrators at ЧАРК and Phormatik Visual LAB and February 19 is your last chance to see it (from 10:00 to 20:00).
  • Chill Station: Tishinavtika

    18 February 2017

    It's not a chillout radio but there's music in it. Ivan Shopov and Skiller are just two of the artists involved in Sensory Theatre's new project. It stars on February 18 at an unknown location and ends at Vertigo Tower after a maze of emotions. On the 22nd and 23rd of February at the same address are the last Dream Within a Dream shows. For more information head over to sensorytheatresofia.com.
  • CreativeMornings

    24 February 2017

    The new theme is Moments and Yordan Kandzhalov - composer that has an asteroid named after him - talks about his big moments in life on 24 February at 08:30. The address for the creative breakfast/talk is yet to be announced but go register now on creativemornings.com, if you don't want to miss it.
  • Science Party

    17 February 2017

    Muzeiko is throwing its own Valentine's Party but not for its usual visitors but for their parents. Start looking for a babysitter now and get yourselves tickets for the fun Friday with 1000names from muzeiko.bg (20BGN).
  • Handmade Fest

    12 February 2017

    Rush to the National Palace of Culture on February 12 and get yourself one of those sexy foxes from ДРЪВкулки. 271 stands with handmade accessories for you and your home will be waiting for you from 10:00 to 20:00 on the last day of the three-day festival.
  • Jluch & Gena

    16 February 2017

    They're both from the So Called Crew quartet but are recently taking the stage as a duet. The reason is simple: they're simply awesome that way and they will prove it once again on February 16 at Stroeja. Doors open at 22:00 and tickets are 6BGN from eventim.bg.
  • The Riddles of Peroto

    13 February 2017

    A game of riddles based on book titles, authors, characters and covers is taking place at Literary club Peroto on February 13. Do your best to find a partner  for a team and an inspiration for book puzzles and be there at 19:00.
  • Zodiac Party

    15 February 2017

    Did you go to the Capricorn one last month? If so, you know what's in the menu for this one as well. Every Aquarius enters for free, two will win an astro map and anyone who has a birthday on the same date gets 20% off the bill. So take notes: 15 February, 22:00, Carrusel club.
  • On The Edge

    14 February 2017

    Sasho Morfov's play has nothing to do with Valentine's Day but still, that's exactly when we can see it next - on 14 February at 19:00 at the National Theatre. If there aren't any tickets left when you get there, try the next show - on 5 March. It's worth it.
  • Photography Bazaar

    11 February 2017

    Seven great local photographers (Alexander Stanishev, Anastas Tarpanov, Dilyan Markov, Ivaylo Petrov, Kalin Ruychev, Miroslava Mircheva and Temelko Temelkov) are selling some of their work at PhotoSynthesis (57 Vasil Levski Blvd.) on 11 February between 11:00 and 18:00.
  • Ivo Dimchev

    10 February 2017

    If you missed his concert Songs From My Shows a few months ago, episode two is coming up on February 10 at 21:00. And even if you didn't, you haven't experienced it with live drums and piano which are featured in the new show. A 10BGN ticket opens the doors at Fabrica 126 and if you're carrying a few more bucks you'll have the chance to buy Ivo's new book.
  • More Ikoga

    9 February 2017

    Writer and poet Stefan Ikoga is presenting his new material with a reading on February 9 at Friday (20:00). His sharp-and-smart works will be accompanied with Grigovor's selection of rhymes of the same genre.