• Science on Board: Math

    19 June 2019

    If vectors, fractals and theorems are something you're kind of afraid of, come on board the Abordage club on June 19th at 18:30 when a young science enthusiast makes math not only comprehendable, but fun for us.
  • CreativeMornings

    21 June 2019

    The new edition of the monthly morning gatherings with good food, strong coffee and inspiring talks from inspiring people is here. On June 21st we're listening to Nasimo - a man whose path in the field of art started off as a way of protest but in 25 years turned into a graffiti legacy. Get your free pass from here and be at Generator around 08:30.
  • Happy Birthday, BOLD Showroom

    20 June 2019

    The showroom for art, design and events turns one and, besides the full glasses, the DJ set and the acoustic concert, it celebrates with an exhibition called Freedom. It's been curated with the help of an open call to artists from different fields so we're watching everything from paintings, to photography, to graffiti. The opening + birthday celebrations are on June 20th after 18:30, the exhibition will stay there till the 27th.
  • Writing about immigration

    18 June 2019

    CapitaLiterature is a book fest, the main days of which are between 17th and 19th June. The program with discussions, workshops, readings and presentations is on ekf.bg, and here we highlight the conversation on June 18 in Peroto. At 19:00, people like Zahari Karabashliev, Kapka Kassabova, Angela Rodel and other guests from different countries talk about the festival theme - the immigrant literature. The entrance is free.
  • Agency of lies

    17 June 2019

    "A pretty lie is better than a ugly truth" is the motto in this comedy, part of the Italian cinema festival in Bulgaria. The story is for a devilish and ingenious agency whose purpose is one: to provide an alibi for their clients to be able to lie successfully. One of them, however, falls in love with a woman who hates dishonesty, and her father suddenly wants to use the agency's services to cover up - how it unfolds all that we see in Lumiere on June 17 at 21:00.
  • Tattoo fest

    16 June 2019

    For the 14th time the skin is a gallery in Universiada Hall where Bulgarian and foreign tattoo studios show different techniques and styles. On 15th and 16th of June, between 11:00 and 20:00 we enter with a ticket of 8lv, which also bring us to the Museum of Tattoos, which gathers in objects and pictures a part of the history of body paintings in Bulgaria. There is also a corner for children, where they also scratch, but on paper.
  • Pop up record shop

    15 June 2019

    If you are a club person with an ear for electronic music, you may have been dancing at Studio EW. Several months ago, they moved to Srebarna 12, where they now want to open their arms for other events - such as this record shop on June 15 at 12:00, when we sneak into the boxes of several DJs. Among them are the Germans The Ghost, who continue in the evening with the vinyls they would not sell.
  • Ster-way to heaven

    14 June 2019

    Graffiti artists are part of our city even after they're gone - like how our streets are still holding a bunch of tags by STER after his untimely death. Now Gifted are showing his work in canvases, prints, illustrations, art books - the opening is on 14 June at 19:00, the exhibition remains there until 25 June.
  • Guus Kuijer's Books

    13 June 2019

    You know - the good children's book is known to open up worlds to the elderly as well as to the kids. This is the case with the Dutch author Guus Kuijer, from whom The book of all things is beautifully illustrated in Bulgarian, and now the Black Stones are also shining. "Clear and precise," the 77-year-old winner of the great childhood award Astrid Lindgren comes to meet us at the Youth Theater on June 13 at 6:30 pm.
  • Steam Room

    12 June 2019

    It's not really a steam room, but a new programme that connects choreographers and their audience in small events, held at the Etyud gallery, where both sides take part in a discussion of contemporary dance projects in the making. The next meetings are on June 15th and 16th, get your info @SteamRoomBg and if you want in, register before June 13th.
  • Movie quiz

    11 June 2019

    Pavel Simeonov is 13, but he has sometimes been the only one who has ever guessed the toughest cinematic questions in the quiz at Thin Red Line bar. If you are tired of being beaten up by a kid, be calm - on 11 June at 20:00, a new episode comes in the bar, in which he does not compete, but asks questions (together with Stefan Dimov). We keep places for our team on @trl.bar in facebook and against 5lv.
  • Telenor Open Office

    10 June 2019

    If your job allows it, we know the perfect spot for digital nomading in the week 10-14 June: for a second summer Telenor creates a cozy space in the Zaimov park with ~40 places to sit and a fast wireless connection to the internet for free. The open office works between 09:00 and 18:00 in these 5 days and there'll be a program of different small events around digital innovations.
  • SoDoggy

    9 June 2019

    Be their best friend too - the dogs at the Animal Rescue shelter receive all the proceeds of this event in the SOHO yard on June 9th. For 34 leva (as much as a bag of food), you are taking an Ador Barador bandada, but if you do not have a four legged friend to put it on, you're still welcome - there will be donation boxes. Last time, the same event gave enough food for 300 dogs per month if you look for the figure.
  • Sofia Pride

    8 June 2019

    For the 12th time, the pride parade gives power to love - on June 8, when it all begins with a concert at the Soviet Army Monument at 16:00. We keep our fingers crossed for sun, but we also take a swimsuit - after the pride for equality and tolerance that starts at 19:30, the rainbows continue to pound in the afterparty around a pool. For 10lv on the roof of Walltopia, the music starts at 22:00 and lasts until the next day.
  • Fake Hero

    6 June 2019

    For this massive production, dedicated to the actor Todor Kolev we are looking at the scene on Hall 1 at the Nationat Palace of Culture on June 6 at 8pm for 40-45BGN from eventim.bg.
  • Outdoor Cinema

    4 June 2019

    The summer screenings at G-8 cinema's roofless yard are back - from June to September we'll be able to watch quality movies and documentaries under the naked sky, with a summer cocktail in hand and personal control on the volume thanks to the headphones we'll be handed. Tickets (10BGN) include al of this in the price.
  • Dominican Cooking Class

    7 June 2019

    Johanna has a big love for Bulgarian chubritsa spice which sounds curious indeed, but right now we might be more interested in the tastes of her native Dominican Republic. In her cooking class for Multi Kulti, we'll cook plantain, rice pie, and end with coconut dessert, before tasting everything together. Including a glass of wine, the ticket is 60 leva - get registered here. The event is held in English.
  • Unusual Images

    5 June 2019

    Alexandra Georgieva (@sa6ettu in instagram) is an illustrator, zine authour and a tattoo artist that one day accidentally finds the facebook page Unusual Images. This becomes her inspiration bank, from which she borrows people in costumes of frogs or sad children, infected with colored parrots. Her drawings inspired by them now are now in an art book and exhibition in Gifted from 5 June at 19:00.
  • ORYZA by chef Andre Tokev

    1 June 2019

    The famous chef just opened a new restaurant in town but this here is his next project - a food truck that serves different kinds of rice paired with meat and vegetables. Its first stop is on the Women's Market on June 1st between 11:00 and 15:00, so go be the first to check it out.
  • Week of the heroes

    3 June 2019

    What holds up the tireless volunteer, and what is the most exhilarating thing he has to tell us? We listen through real stories at Kino Kultura (in Bulgarian) on June 3 at 19:00, and at awards.timeheroes.org we look at other events organized by TimeHeroes in Heroes' Week. The mini-festival culminated on 6 June with applause of the Superhuman Awards, which have given time during the year.