• Karpov not Kasparov

    23 November 2019

    Instead of Spotify, look for them on video if this is gonna be your first meeting with the eccentric Bucharest guys Valerius and Edward. However, their names are neither Karpov nor Kasparov, and what they have to do with chess, you can ask them personally on November 23 at Koncept Space after 9pm. For 10-15lv for a ticket from epaygo.bg you also get an overdose of their brand of disco-jazz-oriental music, which is fueled by Patrick Pur.
  • Skapto re:launch

    22 November 2019

    "We've made our own beer, and frankly it's okay," brag the people from Skaptobara and Skaptoburger, announcing that their two places will be simply Skapto from now on. On November 22, they have a sixth birthday and celebrate with presents for us: a free beer is poured all day long on Iskar 11a for 120 people, and after 6:00 pm the burgers are also taken out for free, so don't wait for the last moment. if you are hungry.
  • Don't Waste, Taste Festival

    15 November 2019

    Behind this name lies a bright idea: to unite the participants in the Sofia food system (from institutions through establishments to all of us) against food waste. If you're throwing away even a flake of the fruits for your marmalade, you're part of the problem, so listen up: starting November 15th at bar Public (9pm) and Black Flamingo (a little later), the festival is giving us a whole month to learn how to eat, drink and live sustainably. All about the event is @dowatabg on facebook.
  • Rick and Morty Trivia

    18 November 2019

    If your answer to "Pickle?" is "A smart way to avoid family therapy", this quiz is for you - for the new season of Rick and Morty, there is a bar quiz about it in Bulgarian. So gather a team of 3 to 8 friends, sign up with a message on their Facebook page and prepare 5lv per person. They are collecting the fee and starting on November 18 from 20:00.
  • Zagovor

    21 November 2019

    "Craft beer from the heart of the Moscow underground," as the production of the Russian brewery Zagovor describes. We wouldn't have been so excited to try it (it premiered on November 21 at the bar) if we hadn't seen the raspberries and hops inside. We attach a photo to thirst for you too.
  • Art + Feminism: Wikipedia Editor

    20 November 2019

    It all starts in 2014 when someone says to themselves "hey, isn't it strange that there are so many Wikipedia pages for men in art and not really for women?" And some 600 people are gathering to expand and add articles to help balance that out. This idea comes to us on November 20 - if you want to get involved with work, you are waiting at the Goethe-Institut between 5:00 PM and 8:00 PM.
  • The Cactus Run

    13 November 2019

    No need to break your legs for prizes - they are distributed on a lottery basis, and you will lose a lot if you do not fall in love with the track 1, 7, 14 or 21km long. It starts from the wall of Pancharevo Lake at 11:00 on November 17 and winds along roads and paths with cactuses and views of the water. Registration is on drace.bg and on-site before 10:30 am, fees range from 0 to 30lv. And a special request - do not scoop succulents at home, these only thrive in the nature.
  • Boris Dalchev

    19 November 2019

    We asked him about The things of life even at his first nomination for Icarus, and today he is already clutching a bundle of awards. They are not for literature, as his surname may mislead you - Boris is indeed from Atanas Dalchev's family, but he burns for scenography, costumes and visual art. In the Spazio mini gallery from November 19th (7pm) to December 4th we look at what he has been drawing for the last 2 years on pocket-sized sheets.
  • Theater's Night

    13 November 2019

    Theater at usual and unusual hours, performances, discussions, exhibitions, concerts, poetic recitals, impro, magic tricks, events for children, backstage meetings, open doors at the Sofia, National and Opera Theaters ... Do we need to continue with the reasons to include Theater's Night in your plans for November 16? The detailed program is at theatresnight.org, and at programata.bg we have highlighted some of the highlights.
  • New collection by Neva Balnikova

    11 November 2019

    "I notice that we are constantly trying to soften brutality, and I am impressed by it and like it as it is" Neva told us when we visited her for an interview some time ago. We now expect similar brutal shapes in her new art for fingers and wrists, called Rendez-vous - in Koncept 7 (Tsar Kaloyan 7) we meet them from November 11 to November 16 between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm.
  • Cinemania Festival's Opening Gala

    14 November 2019

    The film festival has already announced itself with screenings at Odeon and Lumière, but its official launch is scheduled for November 14 at 19:00 when Twisted World enters Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture. This is the premiere of Marius Kurkinsky's new film based on a Nikolay Haytov story, in which the director plays the central role of the anti-hero Milyu. more about Cinemania - here.
  • TV Series Cuiz

    7 November 2019

    If you know nothing, John Snow, go - this quiz is for people who know TV series. If you are one of them, gather between 3 and 8 friends who most often tell you "today I can't, another episode is coming out", prepare 5lv per person and be in Thin Red Line bar on November 12 at 8:00 pm (write them on Facebook for registration). Now you have to decide whether to bring your team and your grandmother - will The Bold and Beauty enter?
  • Dead Man's Hat

    13 November 2019

    photo Ahmad Madhoun

    Their Emotional Shortcut album climbed the music platforms after its live inclusion back in August. Indie rock sounds again, but this time indoors at The Construction Club, on November 13 from 10:30pm for 10BGN from eventim.bg.

  • Good bye, Lenin! + Ratio + Melba

    10 November 2019

    4 cool events on 10 November.

    The Berlin Wall has fallen, but in some 79 square meters East Germany continues to exist gloriously in the 2003 comedy Good bye, Lenin!, where a son tries to protect his mother by not telling her what has changed during her coma. Watch the movie at Dom na kinoto on November 10 at 18:30.

    This Sunday, November 10th, the Autumn edition of the full-day Ratio forum enters Sofia Event Center and puts on the podium a team of smart speakers who will juggle (in English) with curious topics about space, genetics, human optimization and the end of the world. Tickets to watch it remotely are available on ratio.bg/live.

    RUNNING x2
    If you plan to run circles in the park this weekend, here's a better plan - Morning Run is a 5, 10 or 20km cross in Borisova garden. On November 10th at 09:00 it is organized by the Begach Club, registration is also needed at morningrun.begach.com, it costs 49BGN, and the fastest receive prizes at 11:00. Or do you prefer to run vertically? On November 12th at 17:00 UBB lets 300 athletes  climb the 95-meter Millennium Center building - 24 floors up and down after free registration at drace.bg/ubbverticalrun.

    To enjoy this recipe for Sunday afternoon, you need to love coffee: the Melba Design Festival kicks off its film program with Aeropress, a documentary about the creation of the machine of that name. There will also be a demonstration from Drekka about how it works plus a coffee tasting - at Generator for 5BGN on November 10 at 15:00. On the same day, they continue with a Dieter Rams movie at 18:00, and the design movie program runs through November 30 on melba.bg.
  • A week in a cage

    9 November 2019

    "In a few days the mass killing of animals at Bulgarian fur farms will start." If you're shocked, let's shock others as well - from passers-by to politicians. How? A cage with as much living space for a person as the minks in fur farms get will stand by the Parliament from 6th to 13th November with volunteers imprisoned in there. To be among them, raise your hand in the Facebook group Week in a Cage: Volunteers.
  • Micro flea market

    3 November 2019

    Vinyls, vintage clothing, handmade jewelry, designer items, natural products, homeware, paintings and illustrations, home-made food and beverages and more to buy is waiting for you on November 2 and 3 between 15:00 and 23:00 on 19 Karnigradska St. The address points to Micro club, so it is clear that there will also be music to listen to - by Ilin Grivishki, Ramsey Hercules, Marian Hristov and JiJo.
  • Opal Sunn

    8 November 2019

    They are Al Kassian and Hiroaki OBA - a duo experienced with both guitars and the Berlin stage, that since 2017 has been releasing electronic EPs with interesting sound, born of studio improvisations. Instead of trying to describe their music to you, however, just head to the new Black Flamingo Bar (Graf Ignatiev 6) on November 8 - after 10:30pm NEXT-DC celebrates its ninth birthday with them with a 10BGN entry, paid through eventim.bg.
  • Snow on the Atlantic

    5 November 2019

    In the 90s, 80% of cocaine in Europe came through Galicia, a coastal part of Spain with centuries-old smuggling traditions that had never traded anything as successfully as drugs. El Pais' top investigative journalist Nacho Carreterо who in the past has wrtitten about the genocide in Rwanda, the Ebola in Africa and the war in Syria, has now collected the secrets of the drug business in the Snow on the Atlantic: How Cocaine Came to Europe book and is coming to its premiere at Instituto Cervantes on 5 November at 18:30.
  • Comedy Festival

    7 November 2019

    It is already underway - for the sixth year, the people at The Comedy Club Sofia bring us some more interesting and capable faces of comedy from Bulgaria and the world. The most important evening in the program is approaching - on November 7 at 20:00 at Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture we watch a show with obscene language and 100% exclusive content from yet-to-be-announced masters of humor. Tickets drop fast, however, so book yours for 28BGN through eventim.bg.
  • Sofia Game Night

    2 November 2019

    The Second Game Night falls while its still light outside on November 2 with a bigger children's program than last year and a ton of great events for adults, scattered around town. While at the Museum of History we play human-sized Jenga, and at Koncept Space we drink game-inspired beers, around the city center there's lots going on: like a VR escape room in the world of Assassin's Creed, or a cosplay show, or a k-pop party, or a gaming expo... Everything is on sofiagamenight.com.