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19 April 2017
The things that make our lives better.

The Dragoman Swamp
If the sea is too far away from where you are, here's where you can go instead.

The Packaging
"Think outside of the bottle", tell us Skipping Rocks Lab with this Ooho! ball of drinking water contained in an edible and eco-friendly seaweed packaging.


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The Sandwiches
Има Русалка, има и Еднорог – на @vibrantandpure в инстаграм Аделин сервира най-диско сандвичите с меко сирене, които можем да направим за първото парти на вилата (скоро). Дизайнът е абсолютно здравословен: цианът е от спирулина, магентата – от цвекло.


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Now Listening...
Xiu Xiu's Twin Peaks interpretation - 68 minutes, composed for the David Lynch: Between Two Worlds exhibition in Queensland in 2015.

The Album

DAMN. by Kendrick Lamar. Here's the video for one of the 14 tracks the world is going crazy about.

The Animals
Not kittens and frenchies but cows, sheep and other farm animals that Rob photographs.


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The Instagram Account
@cecile.dormeau where a French girl draws the greatest butts and breasts you've ever seen.

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The Sea Right Now
"A white cloud has laid down on the quiet sea. And you're completely alone with the new grass, the water and the wonder of the moment." #messageinabottle

The Salad
You never want to have two in a row but this one breaks the rule: a mix of lettuce, pepper chicken, cheddar, sweet corn, tortilla and milky sauce. We've been waiting for it to return in Supa Star's menu for over a year now.


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