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17 May 2017
The things that make our lives better.

The winner
The Netherlands is the real eurovision winner. A round of applause for the prize and a big up to WhATA's comment.

The dedication
It took Patrick Hines 10 years to draw his crazy book about a haunted summer teen camp - in Paint. Because he can't work in Photoshop. As one of his admirers on calls it: epic education. Indeed.

Trapped on the Wheel in MS PAINT by CaptainRedblood on DeviantArt

The children
While the seniors are on the streets - counting to 12 and shaking their bodies to JLo's Booty, the little ones from the School of Music are singing inspirational songs for the meaning of education on May 24 in front of the National Library. Stop by their concert to recover your faith in the future.

The concert
"Thank you, and now it's time for some blues", said Ico to the full Armeetz Arena and we thank these bad boys for the two-hour satirical show that made us smile at the reality that makes us sad every day.

The manual
Ray Bradbury's Zen in the Art of Writing is finally geting a release in Bulgarian (from Ciela) and we read the 12 essays with combined understanding and admiration - it's just that we well know how difficult (and joyful) the struggle with words is, even when it looks like a game.

The house
At the top of this 40-meter rock in Georgia, known as Katskhi Pillar, lives father Maxim - a monk, who reaches out to God 24 years ago when he gets out of prison.

The zebras
The Municipality of Sofia started writing on the asphalt, y'all! Good idea - there is actually a pretty good chance for people to see the message, if they're staring at their feet (like the elderly) or at their phone (like everybody else).

The precious
Armaveni Stoyanova is once again tying us to her gentle handmade rings. This time her jewelery is inspired by Antonioni's La Notte and it looks like we'll be wearing them with lace by night. Or with love by day. From May 17 at Sabai.

The bed
The ground is still wet but if you haven't spent a day on a blanket in a park yet, you've missed a lot. Well, while we were lying on the hard ground among the daisies we were thinking about what we were missing - and it was a hammock. Yep, next weekend (when we'll be regreting not lying on it somewhere in the mountains).

The bookstore
Word on 4 wheels is a mobile bookstore that will be traveling around the country in this Nassimo-painted bus, driven by Iliyan Lubomirov.


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