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11 July 2017
The things that make our lives better.

The video
Jay-Z opens his new album 4:44 with a retro video in The Story of O.J. that plays with old stereotypes about the black race in animated movies while he rhymes "poor nigga, rich nigga, still nigga". Only Jay-Z can do this and be on point.

The cups
The faces by Yordanka Misheva remind us what tenderness feels like every time we look at them and now we can hold them in our hands because Art.E is printing them on ceramic cups. Drinking coffee with a girl as inspiring as this one must be a top morning.

Opasen char
"No, darling, you are sober as a fluffy little penguin..." as long as you don't drink three more bottles of this Indian Pale Ale, brewed in Amsterdam for Beer Bastards in Burgas. It came to our table from 100 beers in a hot afternoon to cheer us up at least as good as Ivan Andonov's movie.

The series
El Chapo: a total blast for everyone who misses the hot dialogue and action from Narcos. The story of Mexican drug lord Joaquín Guzmán is well-known but see, it's the same as jokes - what matters most is how you tell them. And in El Chapo's case it's gripping.

The jazz
Maybe it was because of the green field and our blanket on it, shared with precious people. Maybe it was because of the sunset and the almost-full moon above us. Or maybe it was because of the happy people and dogs around us. But it was definitely because of the music, too - hey, A to JazZ, can't we do this every week? OK, so every month, then?

The Instagram accounts
This time there are two of them – @drcuerda and @anniset, linked with the relationship between Daniel and Anna from Valencia who split the minimalism in two. Best thing about it? They're having tons of fun doing it.


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The roles
Bring out the fur because winter is coming on July 17. But before that, see how Kit Harington wears a dress and walks on his knees in Jimmy Kimmel Live, trying to nail every single role, except the one of guarding the Wall. What? It's funny, don't be cold.

The pet
That doesn't live with you at home, but the love is just as big when your address is a step away from Shipka Str. and a squirrel is greeting you every morning from the tree in front of your window. Makes you want to plant at least one oak tree in your life so that your pal have something to eat when winter comes.

The air
It's Friday, July 7, and we're working at the open office, build by Credo Bonum, in the yard at 16 Krakra Str. People and ideas are flying around like seagulls, no walls are suffocating your view and resin is pouring from the pines above our head. If somone has the recipe for putting that feeling in a can for winter, please, give us a call.

The red
We were just wondering what shade of red to choose for our new sneaker when the answered popped up on the screen. The name of that rich watermelon is 18-1657, the price is 55€, and if you're actually looking for a shade of blue, dig in on @pantonefootwear.


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