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9 August 2017
The things that make our lives better.

The poetry
5 sentences have been collecting "Short stories. For fast reading." in their Facebook account for a while, but they have just now appeared on Instagram, too. Between the photos of buildings, tables, dogs and bottoms there are is now wisdom like this one that reads: "Love by Schrödinger. It's not a science experiment. It's not an hour long. They are not locked in a box. But she loves him. And she doesn't." How could you not stop scrolling for 5 seconds for a little poetry of life.


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The dining car
The good old (and full) Chaika express from Sofia to Burgas where we drank coffee for just 0.40BGN. Unfortunately, we were the only clients and this may soon lead to its closing. We don't want that. And we believe that you are not indifferent, eather - you are a fan of Wes Anderson's movies, aren't you?

The application
It's not new but it has just now caught up with us - in the emergency lane on Struma Highway on a night which left us with nothing else to do, but to stare at the stars. The telescope SkyView paints constellations and planets on your screen after you point your phone at the sky or at the ground - the Space continues under your feet. Great, right? (available on Google Play and iTunes)

The late vacation by the sea
It's unbearable, but September is also at the door, so we have to make quick arrangements for the belated vacation in Greece. And pack smart - there's nothing else we need, except for that cotton-linen geometry, right?. It's on sale for 53$ at the vintage shelves on

The driver
It doesn't matter who your mother and father are, if you have a nose for adventures - that's what Casper believes in and you can see him living up to his beliefs at a stoplight somewhere, waving his tale. We don't know why he's driving without a helmet, but we suppose it's because he has trouble finding the right size.

The comedian
Who is 7 years old and has 5 years of experience and millions of fans - that is Ava Ryan. Or you may know her as the hot mess Charlene - one of the characters she plays in front of her mother's camera. Check her out on KatieRyanAva on YouTube and Facebook and prepare your cheeks for the pain that's going to hit you with laughter.

The flights
If you've ever travelled to Burgas by bus, you know - never again. And if you've ever heard that you can get there by plane for 50BGN, you should know - it's true. Bulgaria Air, we never thought we would ever say that, but we're happy you exist.

The season
Sarcastic humour, an army of mad professors, post-apocalyptic dystopia, talking pickles and so many u-turns in the story that your head starts spinning - what's not to like in Season 3 of the dirty animation Rick & Morty?

The movie
The Death and Life of John F. Donovan, that Xavier Dolan is bringing to the big screen in January, but is already bombarding us with the faces of Natalie Portman, Kit Harington, Jessica Chastain and Thandie Newton. There's nothing more to do than patiently wait for their story, while listening again (and again) Home Is Where it Hurts from This is only the end of the world.

The bridge
You don't need a reason to visit the Swiss Alps, even if it's not ski season, but here it is - the world's longest pedestrian suspension bridge has just appeared at nearly 90 metres above ground. Be careful with the weight of your backpack, if you're planning on crossing it.


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