Explore Sofia

28 September 2017
"The way you see Sofia may be different from the one we are used to from our own height," Drago Simeonov tells us when we sit down against him. We agree, especially when there is already something done behind these words. In this case, a whole television season of Explore Bulgaria on National Geographic Channel (with three more in its archive), which turns the camera of Georgi Bogdanov and Boris Misirkov to the past and everyday life of several well-known places in Sofia.

You may have heard a lot about the history of the Women's Market, but is it from the barbers there? And is it surprising that the city's mineral heart lies under a shaft that you overlook every day? Or that the last floors of the Blocks in Zone B-5 are reminiscent of Renaissance houses? "The city is built on layers, and the more time passes, the less we listen to its history," Drago tells us when we ask if he has learned something new by shooting the six episodes. He is their host, so before we watch the first one on October 11th at 21:30, we highlight a bit of the script that remains behind the scenes.


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