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7 November 2017
The things that make our lives better.

The reaper
We don't know that the deal is with that guy (or girl), but his sense of humour is black as death. He waves his scyth around places with water @iamtheswimreaper on Instagram - the only place where meeting him is really funny.

Do I look fat in this? #imjustbigboned #ootd

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It's Sunday, it's still Autumn, and the surrealism is just a 3-hour drive away. Bikers are driving around the UFO-like building with the ruby star, a wind park is buzzing on your right, Shipka Peak is on your left and at your feet - The Valley of the Thracian Rulers. Monumental, isn't it.

The mall
What if there was a mall that fights consumerism? There is - in Sweden. ReTuna Återbruksgalleria takes your old things for recycling, upcycling and re-selling and has a college for green practices in its yard. Yeah, the sun rises from the North now.

18% grey
Not the book, but the movie. Viktor Chouchkov Jr. is already shooting it (after his first Tilt) by a screenplay that shifts away from Karabashliev's book, but it has his consent. The next big thing in Bulgarian cinema? We're waiting.

The videos
A German artists paints his Instagram @extraweg in soft pink (and a little fucsia) with crazy 3D animations. They're so unbelievably real that your brain starts hurting. Well, not as hard as if we were a chocolate person smearing his head on a slice of bread.


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The pumpkin
While the world is going crazy over pumpkin spice lattes, we're saying "thanks, but we're looking for something with a real pumpkin in it". Like the awesome mousse with white chocolate and cinnamon, we tried over the weekend at The Little Things. Or this one - with biscuits and pecan, which you'll prepare yourselves tonigh.

Mette Towley
Or the girl who stole the spotlight from N.E.R.D.'s return to music in their new track with Rihanna, Lemon. She's 26 and she's been dancing with Pharrell for years - if you manage to take your eyes off her body in the video, try finding more of her on YouTube.

The art
19 new digital prints by Boris Pramatarov (taken from his books) plus book-objects and comic books are being published by COHM and entering Gifted. We're preparing between 30 and 65BGN for a square with his world full of beauty and  fear.

The bedroom
Look, the battle for public's attention between classic and modern arts is absolutely pointless. @peoplesleepinginmuseums on Tumblr collects proof - the type of the museum doesn't matter, when the nearest couch is vacant.

The cat
She answers to the name of Duda - an edgy character is hiding under her fluff and if you want a permission to enter her personal space, you'll have to be able to handle a few bites. The gentle purrs she awards you with eventually make it all worth it, but just to be clear - we tolerate curmudgeons, only if they're Persians.


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