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28 November 2017
The things that make our lives better.

The feeders
It's cold and it's raining, but while you're walking around the park, you hear a chic-chic? Yes, many birds don't fly away with the summer, and the winter is pretty tight when in comes to food. That's why we listen to the Bulgarian Society for Protection of Birds and build hanging tables for them - at they teach us how and where.

The Socks
It's snowing. So it's time to get into the right socks and after that - to take out the good old board. Here's one idea - the new Stinky Socks model is designed by the snowboarder Lucas Maguun. Sliiide.

The moon
If the price of 123 lv can bring light on your bedside table, it couldn't be too high. We reach to it on


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The archive
Covers, illustrations, typographies and even maps and airplane tickets are loaded into the windows of the @archivingbva instagram - we look back to the past up to the 40s and applaud for the logo compressing the Archive of Bulgarian Visual Arts to ABVA.

Editorial typography “Who, why and how is being bored?”, 1967. — #TypographyABVA #ABVA60s

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The Winners
That's us because we are not in the place of the Academy which is going to choose only one album of the year for Grammy (5 of them were in our top). We're now playing Awaken, My Love by Childish Gambino and keep our fingers crossed for Donald Glover (wink).

December 5th
Day as any other, but it turns out to be the World Soil Day. While we all worry about the water and the air on this planet, let us not forget the third element - the earth on which we step and from which life originates.

"Imagine a future and be in it... your past is a loop, turn it off", says Björk while giving us her new album. We buy it.

The Forum
The seats were filled for a second so we won't be able to listen to See It Be It lectures, but we see the importance of it even keeping some distance - Cannes Lions program is already supporting women in the advertising industry. Why is it important? Just think about it.

The Jewelry
We'll be honest - we have come across quite dubious things about the transcendental meditation that the world of art is practicing. But how can't we throw and eye to David Lynch when his Meditating Eye collection is already looking at us at ?!

The Challenge
In Facebook where a game with black&white photos went viral. We're not big fans of the monochrome photography but we really liked the last condition: "No people. No explanations". It's needless to say "No problems".


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