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7 February 2018
The things that make our lives better.

The shop
"Sea. Sun. Wind. Snow." is written on the neck of the new Square shop, that has just opened on the Internet and is full of Bojidara Yonova's cotton designs. The address is, if you haven't already got yourselves a Locals Only sign.

The ad
Morgan Freeman and Tyrion Lannister in a rap battle blew everyone away durign the Super Bowl but Keanu Reeves on a running motorcycle beats them both. He is doing a stunt that have killed the man, who made it famous, while humming how he has created a web site by himself.

The trailer
It was about time they started teasing us for April 22, when Westworld is returning to jumble our brain cells. How will things move along without the main man, we have no idea, but the trailer is just as greasy and beautiful, as "the world that deserves to die".

The media
Enter, read and decide for yourself if this is the new independent online media that deserves your money - yes, it existence depends entirely on readers' donations. There is not a single ad but there are articles by Neva Micheva (among many others).

The way
We mean the long kilmetres of success that Kapka Kassabova is covering with Border: A Journey to the Edge of Europe. the book has just been awarded as the best travel book in Europe by Stanford Travel Awards and that made us ask Google which of all its covers worldwide is the best? Yes, congrats again, Luba Haleva.

The little lions
After long painful weeks Terez and Masud are now in The Netherlands and that was neve a question of nationality, but it was goot it became of national importance. Because kids, who need special care, have to be able to get it, even if they are not our breed.

The destination
Aqaba is the name of a city in Jordan, the country's only harbour and the airport on which we will be landing with Ryanair from October. Imagine getting off the plane, throwing away your bags and diving straight into the corals in the Red sea - that's what we're doing right now.

The posters
We're still not sure how we feel about a young dude riding Harrison Ford's Millennium Falcon. That is why we are just reminding you with these retro posters that on May 25 somebody is definately going to make you see Solo: A Star Wars Story.

The wall
The one that today is deviding the living room in two, it holds the shelves in your office tomorow and in a month it can travel with us to for an exhibit by the sea. It's called WallStack and it's a Bulgarian technology of wall-building by adjusting parts with bare hands, which is an idea that most certainly deserves a clap, right?


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