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9 May 2018
The things that make our lives better.

The editor
Good morning, this is the door that we open every morning to get to our office. We have a spare key for it at the moment and we are looking for a curious, well-prepared, funny and lightning-fast editor to give it to, so that he/she could write sentences for this rubric and articles for all the other pages in the magazine. Our job offer is on, but you can also send your original material, CV and note on why you are drawn to our entrance directly to

The voice
Don't get distracted by watching him balance on his five fingers, he is good at breakdancing, but he e is even better at swinging his countertenor. High, higher, highest is the level of Jakub Józef Orliński that reminds us that opera is best enjoyed with opened windows. Listen on

The sour
After a day that had drowned you badly, the best thing is hearing "come to The Pig, we're drinking Negroni". The pig is The Happy one and this chunk of ice is killing the sour taste, left by the day, with... its sour.

October 1
That is when Graf Ignatiev Blvd. is supposed to emerge from its current recontruction with new fantastic European looks and with a pedestrian section from Popa to Kanala. OK, we will be passing round it for 5 months, hoping that 20 million later, the tiles, rails and asphalt will be where they should be.

The video
In This is America Childish Gambino dances funny while killing a church choir to say "hey, we're dying in their show". Cruel and straight to the point - just like the second season of his show Atlanta, that you should have chcked by now.

Roger Waters
Or a dream come true times two, when the setlist includes both The Dark Side of the Moon and Animals. With Flying pigs, a smoking factory above our heads and a killer Trumo satire, it made us doubt our own imagination - we want it again, but with Gilmoure, please.

The sweet
After the Waters madness, what else can you do, than sit in Crazy Diamond, that has just opened on 9A Oborishte Str. with a great garden and this white chocolate mousse with raspberry jam. Thumbs up is an understatement - we salute it with hands in the air. Shine on!

The pens
When most of your writing is on keyboard, it becomes highly important for you, when doing it on paper, things to be fun - by using a pen in the shape of a bone and a fine-tipped pen in the shape of a bear head from the person that knows you best (and is obviously capable of finding treasures in a Chinese mall).

In the backyard
Everywhere outside is magic, but today we point at G8's backyard, where the open-air screenings start form May 11 and the first one takes us to the sea - Submergence by Wim Wenders. Tickets are 10BGN, including the drink that concludes the gradation in "night, backyard, movie..."

You probably know what brutalism is, but its renovation in Bulgaria has been so "successful" that your grandchildren probably won't get the chance to see what it looks like. Here it is - Festivalna Hall in 1968, and in 2018 its raw concrete is already patched with wood. You could try explaining them with pictures, though.

Зала Фестивална София 1969 г. Festivalna Hall Sofia Bulgaria


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