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3 July 2018
The things that make our lives better.

We feel like immigrants when we are away only for the weekend, but hey, it's worth it. This is a picture of July Morning, but it could have been every other morning on the shore. We're just not sure if the sea would be so calm again.

While some meet July at the seaside, others can at least wake up without seeing the neighboring building! We prefer to see Sofia through branches but it's probably from the season ...

The greatest thing in this shot is Tarantino's face behind the camera while filming his new movie about the murdered wife of Polanski in 1969. The reality in which Brad works as a duplicator of Leonardo is called Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and comes out in 2019.

Next to the stadium, in Borisova garden and in the park behind the Earth and People Museum are the top places for watching the World Championship - on a big scale, with beer and a crowd around. Leave the sofa at least for the finals and come to shout with us.

It is carved on 22 Stefan Karadzha Str., where we stop to listen to literature in a loud voice and come back home with a new book - check out @hralupata on Facebook.

As we were talking about a new BNT logo, we thought about the man who raised the antenna on tthe elevision and its other space signs. Now, somebody has to re-publish his book, and until then we check out

They call themselves Re-Cyclers, so we heal our bicycles on 30 Ekzarh Yosif Str.

"Some friend sent me this page, and one hour later I can not stop reading and laughing". We just saw this comment and we understand very well. See why on @waferreview on Facebook.

From June 21, Mori Building Digital Art occupies 10,000 square meters of the artificial island of Odaya to erase the limits of our imagination with 470 projectors only for 25 euro.  Now, let's just check out for tickets to Tokyo.


Dark as a night and sharp as a knife is the new Sharp Objects serial, in which Amy Adams is hit by her past while investigating murders in her little home town. The 8 episodes are running on HBO GO.


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