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24 April 2019
The things that make our lives better.

We're out of office for a couple of days after the Easter holidays, so we're rolling out the blinds and coming back with the next issue on May 10th. Until then - laziness, trips or staycation?

A cross between "stay" and "vacation". It doesn't sound pretty but it's actually awesome: during your off days you can just stay in the city, have a picnic, walk around slowly and see your friends for looong afternoon coffee breaks.

For Wes Anderson's first horror movie. Didn't you hear? He didn't either - Wes Anderson Horror Trailer is actually a terribly funny SNL video which is part parody, part love letter to his style. And pay attention - Edward Norton plays Owen Wilson.

For energy after breakfast, we feed on the Happier podcast by Gretchen Rubin (writer) and her sister Elizabeth Craft (screenwriter). The two test and distil the paths of happiness in a fun conversation.

Social Cues by Cage the Elephant, through which Matt Schultz talks about the disintegration of his marriage from several different points of view. We're a bit guilty about dancing over his "goodbye" but his dusty garage guitars shake us up.

This is Stephanie Leigh Rose's favorite hashtag, who dies a number of times in her @stefdies Instagram account. That's her way of saying "Steph was here" in front of different landmarks around the world.

Anton Chekhov's letters in which he writes, for example, that brevity is the sister of talent. We don't have to explain why it is interesting to read his thoughts about writing. The book is published by List for 18BGN.

In the morning we raise our head a little easier, backed by this typical English breakfast. It's supposed to be modest, but toast with beans in a tomato sauce (canned, slightly warmed) fights spring fatigue with a complex of vitamins B and antioxidants.

If you are far away from Plovdiv, check out the online tour of Deutsche Telekom's collection, which is now there. Ask Google about Gallery of art Plovdiv, Matter-port and see everything - from the woman that drinks pineapple juice at the entrance to the ceiling art.

Like the ones at the beginning of Borisova, or those finer beauties at a children's playground in Lozenets. We look at their crowns with full eyes as they see how Sofia is changing around them for a century.


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