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21 December 2016
From January until December 2016 exactly 49 artists have passed through the heart of Programata. Looking back, we collect 12 of them in a calendar (get your physical copy in issue #787) and here's what their wishes and resolutions for 2017 are.

Aneta Ivanova
I'm thinking about releasing a limited series of prints, further developing my style, doing more conceptual work and going hiking in the mountains more regularly.

Max Pirsky
I have a 1-month long trip to Berlin coming up and it would be great if I end up living there.

Maria Nalbantova
I want to visit all the book fairs in the world and to watch a Dimitris Papaioannou show. Also, to avoid getting into reality's trap.

Plamen Motev - Mute
I hope I stop looking at the letters on street signs - this is the reason I'm always late. Same goes for restaurant menus - it's super annoying to analyze the fonts in them instead of choosing what to order - at the same time everyone else has already moved on to the dessert.

Denis Angelov
I'd love to travel to new destinations that'll inspire me a bit more than the everyday life in Sofia (not that it's bad, though) and I hope to manage to collect everything in new illustrations.

Eliza Ivanova
I really want to turn my hobby - drawing, into a profession. Also, to finish all the projects I've already started (a short movie, a comic book and a book of drawings) and to find more time to draw with my daughter.

Ina Boyadzhieva
I want to buy an original Chewbacca costume, to travel to Barcelona or Venice with my boyfriend, to experience another Prodigy gig with him and everyone around me to be healthy. Also, world peace.


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