681: Past in the Future

9 March 2017 text Natalia Ivanova
When Julian Manev spends a day near the sad debris of 1300 years of Bulgaria monument, there was a thought that didn't leave him alone: "What if I'm the guy who has to do something?" For his nine years in Britain he won several awards (the latter is a scholarship from the Architectural Institute in Glasgow), works on the restoration of King's College in London and continuously monitors the decisions about our monuments.

This is how he hears the news about the upcoming dismantling of the monument in front of National Palace of Culture (NDK) in April or May. This "madness" is the beginning of the story of his project 681 - or "A Memorial that brings everyone together and reveals who we are", as Julian calls it, because it provides a common future of the 1978 War memorials and the crumbling monument of 1300 years Bulgaria by prof. Starchev - with a park and a museum around them. We can see how the architect has put all the details at 681-project.com, and now talk to him about the right questions, the important actions and our right to say "yes" to such project.


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