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5 December 2017
The things that make our lives better.

The outfit
If you have difficulties imagining how one lives with a hijab, think about the difficulties there must be working out with it - hats down for Nike, who don't waste their time with questions about the women in Middle East, they solve the problems.

... in Salvador Dalí's land. Great and crazy combination with even more awesome history: Lewis Carroll's story has been published with illustrations by Dalí in priceless edition back in 1969 that now is being reborn for Alice's 150th birthday and Amazon is giving it to us for $17.13.

The scale
If the Sun is a grapefruit, The Earth would be a grain of sand and the distance between them - a bus. To help us imagine better important proportions, Scale of Things illustrates the data with pictures and the only reason we're not ordering that entertainment for Christmas already, is because it will be in our mailbox no earlier than May ($14.99 from Amazon).

The penguin
While balancing on the steps in the underpass at Sofia Univeristy under and this guy's watching us, we feel exactly like him. we've already saw him on three walls in the neighbourhood and we hope he'll multiply - in this city's black ice, self-irony is our only chance for survival.

The case
You're not the only ones that have visited the bazaars in town - we were there also and we also bought a present, even though the slim MacBook Air that is now snuggling in it wasn't able to say "I love you, too". It's ok, we thank the from Plodiv for the Bulgarian effort and the Italian leather.

The geometry
Walnut massif, hexagone shape and gold plated twisted stand. Don't open the geometry book - these are the words of the master in Ourhood, who's trying to tell us that he's made a new home for our evening cappuccino. Hit him a message, if you want it, we'll warm the milk.

The movie
Wes Anderson is going full-bananas with a stop-motion animation and we're toungues out in front of its trailer. In Isle of Dogs alpha gang is looking for a lost home-bred dog. Whether they find him at the end of the 105-minute mission, the lucky few at Berlinale will find out first.

The guide
From Lonely Planet that arrives in your mail box a month before your arrival in Vienna, to remind you that: "Hey, it's true, you're going! You'll need a warmer jacket and use the subway". Thanks a lot - it's nice, when your mind is busy with 100-things-to-do-today, somebody to have already figure out the more important things for tomorrow.

The path
Through the forest near Apriltsi village, where we managed to get lost quite easily, but at least it was for a shor while. When the temperature leans torward the zero and the sun - torwards Africa, the cold is easier to swallow with a little silence, clear air and hot wine.

The coach
Pep Guardiola who lead Manchester City and has enough titles for us to talk about, but today we change fields - after GQ has declared him the most sylish coach in the world, the only thing we'll add is that he's classy, not only in suits, but also in his track suit.


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