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10 January 2018
The things that make our lives better.

The nominations
As always WhATA are putting architecture in its place with their selection for 2017, in which the first esthetic protest in Sofia stands out, along with a balcony-like hotel in Karlovo city, a sea view platform in Varna city and the swesome fact thet the toughest category is "normality of the year". Voting is opened until the 31st of January on

The awards
The most important Golden Globe for 2017 went to Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, but because the ceremon will be rememberd by its black dress code, our global salute to all is The New Yorker's 8th of january cartoon.

The challenge
To change the walking shoes with skiing ones is a dream for many. It has been a horror for us until it happened at New Year's Eve and turned out to be the top of our 2017. Why didn't you tell us that a pair of ski is what we need to fall in love with winter forever.

The beats
On you can see how many chicken hearts stop per second for a Big Mac, but we prefer hearing the living ones of giraffes, bears, dogs and two species with totally different beats - the bluuuue whaaaaale and the hamsterhamsterhamster.

14° on Christmas
We empathise with the Americans for heir -30°C during the Holidays, while we here celebrated Christmas like it was Easter - with fresh Spring air. We don't feel pitty for those who were under the purple veil of Sofia, though - we are angry as they are!

The care
This winter is the mildest of all we can remember, but the more sensitive people among us still have to take care of their hands with this... massage candle. Yes, you can light it up to melt the soft soy wax and then spread it and relax with its lusty aroma. 12BGN from Pomada on Facebook.

The change
We know about Bitcoin and crypto currency too little to get rich and too much to not noticing that the virtual money are already being exchanged on Shishman Str., along with the paper ones we have in our pockets. That's what we call "the wind of (ex)change".

The warning
We don't know when the fracking of shale gas is going to be a question of national importance again, but during the holidays we came across this TED-Ed video and we think we should share it now, before it becomes relevant again.

The clean slate
There is nothing better than starting the year on with a clean slate. Which doesn't mean you just wash your dishes, but also getting rid of a bad habbit. Whatever you cut out from your life, we wish you a happy new 2018!

The glasses
Izipizi sounds like something you can remember easily, right? That is the whole poing of this Paris glasses with everyday-cool design. They have ones for skiing, for the beach and even for in front of the screen, which was the thing that brought us to 40% less blue light with these here? Oh, oui!


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