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7 March 2018
The things that make our lives better.

The trailer
We could have shared the House of Cards teaser in which the queen sits in the king's throne, but we all know Robin Wright, right? So here is Christopher Robin - a movie about Winnie-the-Pooh with a talking Teddy bear and Ewan Mcgregor as his friend. Come on, it is not that childish.

The duet
The one in My Enemy by Chvrches with the sweet voice of Lauren Mayberry and the guest-magic of Matt Berininger from The National. We've been superclose for almost a week now and it seems like we're going to continue spinning it until the end of May when the new album by the Scotish synth-pop band finally comes out.

The dill
The wild one, called fennel that everyone around you is eating like it is the last food on earth. And here's how: chop the bulb in halves and drop them in boiling water, spiced with lemon and salt, for 15 minutes before you separate the outter layers for bowls and fill them with the reamaining vegetable, chopped in cubes and fried with onion, parsley and black pepper.

South America
When a friend goes to Brazil in January and then writes from Uruguay, Chile and Patagonia that he'll be returning in June, you're thinking of two things: how many hours will he need to tell the story of this six months and how travelling through a continent may not be just a dream for you, too. One day.

The mermaid
It might actualy be a pineapple, but when you are in a mood for ouzo and the snow is covering the world outside, you see mermaids everywhere. This may not be her best shot, sorry for that, but it touching it feels, mmm, like a dream glass. At old is new.

The song
The new motion picture by Disney, A Wrinkle in Time, is coming out with a musical surprise that makes us want to see it more - a new Sade song, recorded especially for it. After an 8-year long silence, we're celebrating Flower of the Universe like it is a whole bouquet.

The exhibition
Waiting for an hour for a flashlight is worth it when you need it to see Teo Ushev's messages. There are at Sofia City Art Gallery, along with his virtual reality until this Sunday, March 11 - don't make the long line at the door discourage you, although people compare it to the crowds that Christo gathers.

The album
Nick Cave's fans know about Mercy on Me - the graphic novel by Reinhard Kleist that tells the story of the Australian - from when he was a little boy to The Bad Seeds. Well, now the awesome illustrations are being published alone in CD-sized book, we order for £25 from

The green
Lego are well aware of the effect their plastic bricks have on nature, that is why they are now presenting their first "green" collection made of sugar cane. It is not fully degradable, but it is recycable, so the money we leave at their counters are not that guilty, anymore.

The blackest black
Do you know what Vantablack is? The material that swollows 99.965% of the light and covers the Hyundai Pavilion, build for the Olympic games in South Korea. What were we doing in February, that prevented us from seeing it on the whitest snowy background?


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