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11 April 2018
The things that make our lives better.

The watermelon
We have at least another season till the first red pieces for 2018, but we're  moving closer to the summer with the new Somersby with watermelon flavor. It's juicy. And just in time for the first meetings on terraces, parks, roofs and ... the garden of our office on the way to them. #summerforever

The Animals
A letter from Valencia: "Here is nice, but there is nothing to come back for. Besides the biopark, which was created artificially to be a natural environment for the animals with which we walk around freely inside." Accepted, the other time we will go to the Zoo with an airplane.

The shop
If some day you feel too lazy to go to Gurko 27, the new entrance to the art commodity of Dido Peshev is on He has not filled all the shelves yet, but do you realize how many things this man does with both bare hands? We're waiting.

The app
If Emo Cholakov's forecast is too sweet for your taste, free some 30MB in your phone for this grumpy Android app Fu***Weather.

The Trailer
Somethingscary is happening in Asgar Farhadi's new, straightforward family history which will open the Cannes Festival on May 8th. Everybody Knows whispers the title of the secret in this feverish trailer.

The model
Ernestine “Erni” Stollberg is the face of a Viennese conceptual shop @park_wien. Oh, and yes - she's 95 and they perfectly fit her.

The album
After 5 years of silence, on May 11th Arctic Monkeys release Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino: 11 tracks with standard titles such as The World's First Ever Monster Truck Front Flip. We're waiting now for the first single.

The handwriting
It's a bit psycho to write your poems with Kurt Cobain's or David Bowie's handwriting, but it's not impossible - their manuscripts have been translated into fonts on, along with John Lennon, Leonard Cohen and Serge Gainsbourg. Download it and the poetry will run through your fingers by itself.

The bananas
We are writing this day before Knapp pull out their new collection, so we still haven't tried the dresses, but we would immediately tear a bunch of pink bananas created for them by Emilia Emileva. What else is in the garden? We look at Gallery 2.0 till April 14th.

The video
Several unhappy humans are collecting bags till the happier ending in the new video by So Called Crew (featuring TimeHeroes) which is lifting us up with its words. 


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