A Rainbow of Stories

7 February 2019 text Violeta Ivanova photos Sevda Semer
"I knew that I felt attracted to men but I didn’t have that word to describe it until I was 14-15 years old", remembers Florin Buhuceanu, an LGBTI rights activist since the 90s. He's from Romania - a country that is so similar to ours but did you know that, while we decriminalize homosexuality in 1968, Romanians stop throwing people in jail for it in 2001? Many other parts of Florin's story turn our idea of his country around and that's one of the things that brought us to Cedric and Aline Feito - the gay twins who travel the world to collect personal LGBTI stories like Florin's as part of their project PAINT.

Cedric and Aline are on paintlgbt.com, facebook.com/paintlgbt and as Feito Twins on YouTube


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