• Creatives Talk: To the Ice Age and Back

    Creatives Talk: To the Ice Age and Back
    In 2009 he moved to New York with his wife and continue his career at Blue Sky Studios, where he worked on the Ice Age, Rio, Peanuts, Epic and Ferdinand the Bull. Several months ago, he returned to Bulgaria and created the studio for games Hach and Paint.
  • Cannes' Appetizers


  • In frame: Tonislav Hristov

    In frame: Tonislav Hristov
    We meet just a few days before he leaves for Utah to see his documentary The Good Postman in the program of Sundance festival. We're saying one "bravo" for that, but his success is even greater because the jury rarely selects films that ...
  • In frame: Margita Gosheva
  • The things from life: Rene Karabash