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  • War of the trailers

    War of the trailers
    Once upon a time there were trailers too - at the end of a movie screening with the simple job to remind moviegoers to come back to the theatres the next week. Today trailers attack viewers months before the premiere of their TV shows or movies and are fighting battles against each other that can win the big war for ratings and box office domination.


  • Things from the cinema: Stephan Komandarev

    Things from the cinema: Stephan Komandarev
    You may have already heard some of the following facts - for example, how he was a psychiatrist when he was given a camera or how the news that he was selected in Cannes Film Festival was in his spam, and after unusual silence they called from there ...
  • Sence of Hate
  • Dissection of cinema: Blagoy Ivanov
  • In frame: Tonislav Hristov