• Glorious Times

    Glorious Times
    Victor is a cartoonist who turned sixty. The magazine he has always published stops short on paper and he loses his engagement.

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  • What we didn't know about... Genndy Tartakovsky

    What we didn't know about... Genndy Tartakovsky
    You may not know his name and you will hardly recognize him on the street, but you probably remember who his Samurai Jack or Dexter are. Born in Russia as Gennady, Tartakovsky is an animator and filmmaker who also worked on The Powerpuff Girls, Star Wars, and the Transylvania Hotel. He's got Emmy and Annie awards, but if it already sounds pretty pop to you, his work's actually far more punk - Genndy sets his own rules and likes to experiment with his films.

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  • Arctic Justice

    Arctic Justice
    It is with the first snow that a new animation comes to us, in which the snow is up to our knees - something that, with dramatic climate change, may soon stop happening.
  • Frozen 2
  • The Addams Family 3D