• Cinema Yard - Summer Cinema

    Cinema Yard - Summer Cinema
    G8 Cultural Center presents again their project Cinema Yard - summer cinema. During some summer evenings we can watch some of the best new titles while sipping summer cockteil.
  • War of the trailers

    War of the trailers
    Once upon a time there were trailers too - at the end of a movie screening with the simple job to remind moviegoers to come back to the theatres the next week. Today trailers attack viewers months before the premiere of their TV shows or movies and are fighting battles against each other that can win the big war for ratings and box office domination.


  • The Playlist of Kitodar Todorov

    The Playlist of Kitodar Todorov
    A few weeks ago we rushed in Friday at 5 sharp to get ourselves some quick humour with the two season of the YouTube show. That's when we came across Address to the nation - a video which redirected us to an Indiegogo campaign that is raising money ...
  • In frame: Tonislav Hristov
  • In frame: Margita Gosheva