• Judy

    As a young girl, Judy Garland has been brought up to give what the crowd wants: as soon as the floodlights dazzle her and the music goes off, she shakes her head and starts singing, dancing and playing her magnetic charm.
  • Black Christmas

new movies

  • Pain and Glory

    Pain and Glory
    "I had the feeling that this film was running so smoothly and so seductively that it could go on for another 5 hours," Guardian wrote for the 21st stone in Almodovar's crown.
  • Glorious Times


  • First seasons

    First seasons

    First seasons
    Autumn comes with a full basket of new series, from which we bring out 5 flavors ranging from horror and fiction to comedy and comics. If it's not enough, we also tell you about a dangerous wild animation on the front page.

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