• Migrating body

    Migrating body
    With the start of the season, we wondered who would step on the platform for contemporary dance and performance this time, and the news is good.
  • Zachary The Painter

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  • The Dinner

    The Dinner
    We do not serve this title for the first time: after Dutch writer Herman Koch's novel came out and won a bunch of awards in 2009, his controversial film adaptation with Richard Gere, Rebecca Hall and Steve Coogan (directed by Oren Muverman) arrived ...
  • The Bat

  • What we didn't know about... Bruce Dickinson

    What we didn't know about... Bruce Dickinson
    They call him a Renaissance personality, and we agree with the definition. The Iron Maiden frontman is about to turn 61, but finds magical powers for world tours with the band and for piloting a passenger plane, writing books, fencing, and lately - spoken word performances. The latter is exactly why he arrives in Sofia on December 23rd.
  • One Dance Week 2019

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