• Akua Naru

    Akua Naru
    She only knows gospel music when she is younger, but her uncle takes her to hip-hop when she is 9, and she needs a little to grab the microphone and load rhythms.
  • Lara Fabian

party time

  • Ritual Night

    Ritual Night
    Between the sets the drummer Boris Malevanov (from the group Heptagram) playlist sounds with rap-metal-industrial music by artists like $uicideBoy$, Ghostman, Ic3peak and Ho99o9.
  • Beloslava, Preyah and Kerana

classical music

  • La Scala Chamber Orchestra - Milan

    La Scala Chamber Orchestra - Milan
    The Chamber Orchestra Cameristi della Scala was founded in 1982 and includes musicians from the Teatro La Scala - Milan. In 2012, they were honored with the Izimbardi Award for their important international work, contributing to the prestige of ...
  • The song of the winds


  • 4 songs by... James Leg

    4 songs by... James Leg
    Before he releases his hair and is baptized with James Leg, he is John Myers – son of a preacher growing up between the sands of Tennessee and Texas with gospel background music.
  • What we didn't know about... Hildur Guðnadóttir
  • What we didn't know about... Bruce Dickinson


  • Pavel Teriyski's playlist

    Pavel Teriyski's playlist
    "When I was little, I used to go past the National Theater with my parents, and there was a grandfather imitating trains and birds, which impressed me deeply." Since then, Pavel has also been making similar experiments with his voice, and ...
  • Mick Harvey and the eternal path
  • Alexandrina Alexandrova's playlist