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  • Solar Easter Trinity

    Solar Easter Trinity
    The 6th edition of the electronic music fest will separate Dubfire, Pan-Pot, Joseph Capriati, Lyubo Ursiny, Philip Chernikov, Luciano and Solomun between two of the big halls at Inter Expo Center.
  • 5 Years DOMA

classical music

  • Il Volo

    Il Volo
    Il Volo is an Italian operatic pop trio, consisting of singers: the baritone Gianluca Ginoble, and two tenors, Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto. They describe their music as "popera". In just a few years Il Volo have performed ...
  • Sonya Yoncheva

  • What We Didn't Know About... Michelle Gurevich

    What We Didn't Know About... Michelle Gurevich

    What We Didn't Know About... Michelle Gurevich
    Or Chinawoman, as we knew her before. But who stands behind the thick and melancholy timbre, which is poured into a personal lyrics with ironic aftertaste? We asked all possible sources before hearing her live in Sofia on 16th of March as part of the tour for her new album New Decadence.
  • Music Home

    Music Home
    You don't always have to know where you're going to end up where you're supposed to be - that's what is running though our heads as we go throught the momories of Sofar's debut in Sofia. The first gig of the series of secret concerts went down in history as an experience that demands frequent sequels.
  • So Far, So Good


  • The Playlist of Kitodar Todorov

    The Playlist of Kitodar Todorov
    A few weeks ago we rushed in Friday at 5 sharp to get ourselves some quick humour with the two season of the YouTube show. That's when we came across Address to the nation - a video which redirected us to an Indiegogo campaign that is raising money ...
  • Playlist by The Fans: Oddisee
  • In Scott Bradlee's Jukebox