• Soen

    In 2004 the music starts to come out of a guitar and a set of drums, but it's the 2010, when the bad is officialy announced. They are often compared to Tool, but they say that their music is good either way. Their progressive metal is coming our way ...
  • Ostava

party time

  • Metropolis: Industrial Gathering

    Metropolis: Industrial Gathering
    The location of this party is still a mystery, but the line-up tells it everything important. It is headed by Jeroen Search, who discovers techno landscapes from the mid-90s and is noted for being the inspiration behind many names behind the panels. Next in line is Jay Clarkre with his beats.
  • Sofia Beach Festival

classical music

  • Lord of the Rings In Concert

    Lord of the Rings In Concert
    Just one night, all the fans can watch the most epic battles for the last time on a big screen, presented in perfect symbiosis with the original, impressive soundtrack, performed live by over 250 people and an orchestra.
  • Stage of the ages

  • 4 songs by... The Chemical Brothers

    4 songs by... The Chemical Brothers

    4 songs by... The Chemical Brothers
    They are neither brothers nor chemists - big beat pioneers Ed Simmons and Tom Rolands are historians by education, but they write their own history. Since making their Exit Planet Dust debut in 1995, the two from Manchester have not stopped putting electronic creativity in our ears, and their song Galvanize has been spinning in all NBA games. After 2 months they come here with a stunning 3D light show and effects in 7 trucks to burst with their latest album No Geography, but vacancies in Arena ...
  • 4 songs by... Shilpa Ray
  • 4 songs by... Dead Can Dance


  • Secta's playlist

    Secta's playlist
    For his first rap battle in his Varna Phillip takes an ID card of a friend so he can go into the club because he's only 14 back then. Soon after, he's already assembling finished songs under the pseudonym Secta, and at that moment he meets Nikolay ...
  • Heptagram's playlist
  • The playlist of Hristo and Snezhana