• Hayes & Y

    Hayes & Y
    They're landing from Manchester for a concert outdoors, the tickets are half sold, so we are suggesting to hurry up.
  • Texas

party time

classical music

  • Angel Zaberski

    Angel Zaberski
    The composer and pianist presents his huge new project Symphony – Jazz in a concert featuring a 38-person orchestra, a beatboxer and a whole bunch of other great musicians.

  • Festival Heat

    Festival Heat
    Summer finally acts like itself, so we quickly give you seven August fests if you've already loaded the tank, but are still wondering where to.
  • Over The Wall

    Over The Wall
    After he travelled the world with more that 200 concerts and his mega show The Wall, Roger Waters is aiming at outdoing himself with the Us + Them tour.
  • What We Didn't Know About... Ho99o9