• Back to the Unity Vol.8

    Back to the Unity Vol.8
    F.O., Stick Insect, Feel, Atila, Secta, Logo5, So Called Crew, 5 o’clock, Unkle Billy, Akasha and a ton of other local hip-hop activists will take part in the Winter Panic edition of the series.
  • Bears and Hunters & Nu/Ance
  • Demek

party time

  • Fillipo Nardi

    Fillipo Nardi
    The house pioneer from London is coming back to Sofia.
  • Nordic Soundscapes
  • Wax Tailor Live Band

classical music

  • What We Didn't Know About... Akua Naru

    What We Didn't Know About... Akua Naru
    Her lyrics are history lessons that project the shadows from the past in our today so that we won't stumble over them tomorrow. Before we hear her live musical lecture in Sofia Live Club on November 11 we once again go through the lyrics of Poetry: How Does It Feel and update the facts in the story of a woman whose fight sounds right - and it feels good too. Tickets for Akua Naru at Sofia Live Club are 30BGN from eventim.bg.
  • Bryan Adams: From the Stage to the Studio
  • New Urban Melodies


  • Playlist by Stereofox

    Playlist by Stereofox
    We're changing the fourth calendar on our wall since Ivo decided not to work as sedate economist and use the know-how from his past to create "site for music". His friends immediately give him a helping hand (the prairie fox from the logo, ...
  • The Playlist of 2016
  • Playlist by Strugare