• Akua Naru

    Akua Naru
    She only knows gospel music when she is younger, but her uncle takes her to hip-hop when she is 9, and she needs a little to grab the microphone and load rhythms.
  • Funky Miracle

party time

  • Kiasmos

    The Icelanders meet the classic with an electric beat and a minimal piano, and in their first album, named after the band, they collect a wealth of acoustic instruments, synths, drum machines and some other tricks.
  • Solar

classical music

  • Roby Lakatos

    Roby Lakatos
    With his specific tuxedos and stage presence, Robbie is on his feet Concertgebau, Carnegie Hall and Santori Hall and shared the stage with people like Vadim Repin and Nigel Kennedy.
  • Requiem


  • 4 songs by... James Leg

    4 songs by... James Leg
    Before he releases his hair and is baptized with James Leg, he is John Myers – son of a preacher growing up between the sands of Tennessee and Texas with gospel background music.
  • What we didn't know about... Hildur Guðnadóttir
  • What we didn't know about... Bruce Dickinson


  • Anna Maria's playlist

    Anna Maria's playlist
    She would play her selections in the Mami song between the video lights, while The White Screen sing in glitter. She brings similar colors, visualizations, installations and even smells to her parties - more of that you can feel on November 23 ...
  • Mick Harvey and the eternal path
  • Alexandrina Alexandrova's playlist