• Jazospektsiya

    Opera Stara Zagora presents its latest concert production with French jazz music by Claude Bolling in combination with an original multimedia screenings, based on themes from the Ron Fricke's movie Baraka.

party time

  • Musical mountains

    Musical mountains
    The next three festivals are calling from up there in the mountains and they are saying we have to go with more serious equipment for the nights full of electronic euphoria and funk.

classical music

  • What we didn't know about... Lee Scratch Perry

    What we didn't know about... Lee Scratch Perry

    What we didn't know about... Lee Scratch Perry
    At the age of 83, the reggae guru leaps to the world scenes with an eccentric beard, biting a cigarette between his teeth. Known as one of the key figures of the Jamaican style he had worked with Bob Marley, Paul McCartney and Keith Richards. NowLee Scratch Perry is circulating between Jamaica and Switzerland and he's not tired, he is coming in the laste afternoon with another force of the dub scene Mad Professor to make us move to his new groovy beats.
  • 4 songs by... Jonathan Bree
  • What we didn't know about... Joshua Bell


  • Secta's playlist

    Secta's playlist
    For his first rap battle in his Varna Phillip takes an ID card of a friend so he can go into the club because he's only 14 back then. Soon after, he's already assembling finished songs under the pseudonym Secta, and at that moment he meets Nikolay ...
  • Heptagram's playlist
  • British synth pop: Kat Mchugh from Polo