new exhibitions

  • Galya Blagoeva

    Galya Blagoeva
    The sculptures that she worked on for the past 2 years are like strange and delicate structures. In her first solo show, the only colour in the gallery is white, and the objects are made from wood, string, and cloth.
  • Radostin Sedevchev
  • Petrinel Gochev


  • 9 Moments of Slavena Peneva

    9 Moments of Slavena Peneva
    Her characters are often made out of geometric shapes but with Slavena languages win the eternal battle against mathematics. Not just because she graduated from the German Language High School or because she also speaks English and (a little) ...
  • 14 Moments of Yehuda & Maya Devir
  • 7 Moments of Angela Pencheva