new exhibitions

  • Sofia Art Week

    Sofia Art Week
    For the second time, the Æther Gallery invites curators, artists, critics, theorists and activists from here and around the world to share experience, create mutual projects and build a solid foundation for international art exchange. The ...
  • Gönül Nuhoğlu
  • Anri Kulev


  • 6 moments of Galin Ganchev

    6 moments of Galin Ganchev
    We find him on the beach in Sinemoretz, but otherwise he is more of a mountain person - he often climbs Vitosha either with his bicycle and friends, or with his camera to seek peace and a new perspective. That's when he and his girlfriend are not ...
  • 7 moments of Aleksander Gerginov
  • 7 Moments of Katrin Eftimova