new exhibitions

  • Mesrur Sabit, Krasimir Raikov

    Mesrur Sabit, Krasimir Raikov
    The gathering of two artists in a joint exhibition is always interesting. And when the authors did not have any common shows and did not even know each other is a challenge that love to create the team of the Art Gallery Le Papilllon.
  • Mario Jekov
  • Ivan Mudov
  • Dolores Dillova


  • 7 moments of Katerina Vaseva

    7 moments of Katerina Vaseva
    No way we could work in on this page the other things she'd done - her one and only dancing robot, the web design, the architecture - but at least we can show you a few of her illustrations.
  • 7 Moments of Maria Sufieva
  • 9 Moments of Slavena Peneva
  • 7 Moments of Angela Pencheva