new exhibitions

  • Ten artists. Ten visions.

    Ten artists. Ten visions.
    This is the first event for the Sofia Paper Art Festival 2019, which has the important mission to present artists from distant Brazil. The Amateras Foundation is a representative of the Bulgaria - Brazil cultural institute, initiated in cooperation ...
  • Jo McDonald
  • A portrait of a friend


  • 7 moments of Alina Papazova

    7 moments of Alina Papazova
    She wants to remember all the moments, not just the seven we ask her about. Probably because of this she keeps diaries with drawings where color pours on everything from her day, starting from the hand holding the marker. This is not the only place ...
  • 7 Moments of Velika Prahova
  • 12 Moments of Yael Taig


  • Нощ в Музейко

    Нощ в Музейко
    Ако с детето искате да отбележите звездно годишнината от полета на Юрий Гагарин около Земята (за когото разказваме тук), на 13 април ...
  • Тити рисува букви
  • Следвай лисицата