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  • Nadya Stancheva

    Nadya Stancheva
    Le Papillon Art Gallery presents Nadya Stancheva and her exhibition Beyond Time consists 22 paintings. Landscapes - urban, rural, mountain, still lifes with landscape elements - all the canvases of this expressive artist imbue with the mood and ...
  • Vasil Vasilev
  • Irena Dimitrova
  • Radko Murzov


  • 7 Moments of Victoria Staykova

    7 Moments of Victoria Staykova
    She says she’s always thinking things through in advance, so she can hardly surprise herself. Her path does look quite logical even when looked from above – from a child she always had her nose between the covers, and even as she starts ...
  • 9 Moments of Nikoleta Nosovska
  • 7 Moments of Iva Tokmakchieva