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  • From cappuccino to wine

    From cappuccino to wine
    The days start smoothly with a smoothie from Green Deli Café and now they have a chance to end the same elegant way at Green Deli & Bar - the new place from the chain adds a menu with appetizers and specialties to its fresh delicacies to ...
  • A Table With a View
  • The house with no clock

to drink

  • Record-holding glasses

    Record-holding glasses
    2023 - that's the year that we will have tested every cocktail from the menu at Pench's bar by Proshek, if we try a different one every day. We're not sure we have that much time, but we definitely don't have such patience, so we went to see what the new bar at San Stefano Plaza has to offer, ordering two cocktails at a time. But you can plan testing with your own pace.
  • Percolate Coffees
  • Two Hearted Bear