Gemini Man

Gemini Man

Language: English
Translation: Bulgarian subtitles
Genre: Drama, Science fiction, Action
USA, 2019, 117'
Director: Ang Lee
Screenplay: David Benioff, Billy Ray
Cast: Will Smith, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Clive Owen
Will Smith meets himself as a young man in a sci-fi action movie produced by the commercial brain Jerry Bruckheimer, but directed by the sensitive artist Ang Lee (who came out with Brokeback Mountain and came to Oscar with Pi's Life).

This mish-mash sounds promising, especially if you've already busted the trailer where old and young Will get together in a single frame and tear tear. Alas, this is a false signal of psychological depth, while the movie is just a high-level computer exercise. The story is that Gemini Man has waited 22 years for the technology to be born, and finally the underdeveloped scenario fails (David Bennoff involved, who we don't want to hear about since the last Game of Thrones). If you're still here for the match, here's how it works. The mercenary with the eye of sniper Henry Brogan is chased by his conscience at 51 and decides to kill 72 to be his last. The wet-ordering organization does not like it, so it puts on its heels its next best weapon - its Junior clone, created secretly 25 years ago and trained to surpass it in efficiency. When the two are bumping into Cartagena bikes or fighting in the catacombs of Budapest, the technological miracle happens, and Junior is like Will Smith in Bad Boys since 1995 (then the actor is 27). Isn't that the trickiest advertisement for the just announced Bad Boys 4 now?

  • Cinema City Paradise
    3D: 20:40

    20 November (Wednesday), 18:30, 20:40

    21 November (Thursday), 20:40

  • Cinema City Sofia

    20 November (Wednesday), 13:20, 21:00

    21 November (Thursday), 13:20, 21:20


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